The job is already very busy

The job is already very busy, but after raising a dog, I feel more “burden”.

Someone said that keeping a large dog is more troublesome, than raising a smaller dog this sentence is not a problem, but in fact, when researched deeply, it is not accurate. It also gives you a headache.

The Korean man has a sled dog, which is Samoyed.

It is said that this breed is gentle, caring, but when the dog grows up, the owner has other experiences, because the dog is too clingy, even the owner does not have a private space, the dog goes. everywhere must follow. .

Netizen: With a dog, it feels like marrying a wife.

Will ferocious dogs be more independent? Wouldn’t it be so annoying?

In theory it seems correct, but it is not.

Many fierce dogs have a very serious and cold appearance, but they are also very “gentle” at home, there are dogs that are “police dogs” but behind them is a lovely “little princess”. .

The only German cattle breeding in the island nation was recently caught in the eyes of everyone.

It was raised by a shovel officer four years ago, though not a young child, but it is very clingy.

Owner: There are two dogs in the family and two more.

In the eyes of the owner, the dog is like a child, the owner often says that she has 4 children, but those are not the children that really bring pressure to the owner, but two pet dogs, because children. They are all of school age.

Demu’s character is relatively lively, and he’s been very clingy ever since he was a kid.

When he was a child, the dog was very cute, being pampered by his pet owner to play in his hand.

As time passed, the German Shepherd quickly became a “big guy”, thinking that when he grows up, this dog will gradually become independent in life, but when the German Shepherd has matured, the owner noticed that this guy is not. not much has changed. On the contrary, it has become “enhanced” a bit.

Mistress: I feel that Demu is still more irritable than my daughter and will bother you all day long.

The recent performance of the German Shepherd has touched the male host a little.

The owner is a bit old and in poor health, she often sleeps after dinner.

De Shepherd is like a picture with the shadow of the owner, plus it is a very clever dog, so as soon as he finds out that the owner returns to the room, De Shepherd will follow, even snatching the “mother” of the small owner. Cute and mischievous, but there’s no way to use it.

Demu lay on the other side of the bed, and soon took her position.

Demu raised her head and looked at the little master on the floor.

The 80-dog German Shepherd is getting bigger and bigger than the small owner, so the two children have no choice but to take it, De Shepherd’s eyes are full of triumph.

However, when it was time to rest, the German Shepherd still refused to leave, and the owner was confused after coming home.

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