The Husky is the least worrisome breed

The Husky is the least worrisome breed, impeccably looks and very handsome, but its IQ is a little worrying. Erha doesn’t seem to have learned anything, only the ability to tear the house apart makes the master both love and hate.

Netizens get up on Erha, this guy refuses to stay at home, always runs around and throws down the house, it hurts. A netizen found an injured owl on the road so kindly brought it back. At first, netizens were worried that Erha would harm the owl, but the netizens noticed that Erha seems to like this new friend very much.

Owl wasn’t too brave, and he looked calm when he first arrived. Erha was lying on the ground to sleep but when she saw the owl, she looked at her new partner curiously. Then Erha even licked an owl, I don’t know how the owl feels.

By the way, Owl became Erha’s playmate, after Erha had a partner it was obvious he disappeared a lot, netizens were happy, Owl is simply a savior! Erha seems to be very fond of owls, sometimes runs around it and licks it a few times, netizens also find it interesting to see this strange couple.
Nowadays, many people have started to keep pets, some keep arrogant and cute cats, some keep honest and intelligent dogs, and others like to keep birds. But different pets have different temperaments, I don’t know the stories that will happen when different pets live together.

Most popular dog breeds in the U.S. - CBS News

Netizens have raised a very intelligent cat and parrot in the birds, after training they can still learn from others, they are very cute. The cat is arrogant in a pet, the owner of the shovel officer, very cold. Once the cat was sleeping, the naughty parrot came running.

Seeing that the parrot was fast asleep while the cat was sleeping, he first probed the cat with his foot and saw that the cat was very deep asleep so the parrot cut open the cat’s mouth. Is it often bullied by cats? Take the opportunity to retaliate right now? But before it pecked a few pecks, the cat woke up.

At this time, the parrot reacted very quickly, it immediately got up and then turned its head to the side, pretending that nothing happened. The cat is very confusing, what happened? How do I feel that something is pecking on me! Netizens laughed when watching this scene. The Parakeet is just a drama.
Dogs are more mischievous pets and are born very active and love to run. Some very naughty dogs will often bring minor annoyances to their owners, so dogs are like children and they must be carefully educated.

Netizens have raised a French fighting dog, this little dog is very active and likes to run around at home like a bear-headed kid. Once this product goes wrong again, netizens feel that they have to educate it well, otherwise it will be lawless in the future. So the netizen was punished for stopping in the bathroom, unexpectedly this little guy was very cooperative, said he would enter the penalty station, the netizen was a little relieved.

Leaving the dog standing for a few minutes, netizens thought that it was enough to give the dog something to eat, but the netizens weren’t calm after seeing the past! Netizens thought that they were confessing, but netizens discovered that this guy is actually standing here to go to the toilet! This discovery made netizens unable to help but be more mature?

Besides, isn’t the toilet right next door? Why don’t you walk a few steps to the toilet but have to pull to the ground … But this guy doesn’t seem to understand what he’s doing wrong and looks at netizens with innocent eyes. There still seems to be a long way to go to train.

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