The Golden Retriever’s hair was very long

The Golden Retriever’s hair was very long, and when it fell out of hair, the scene looked terrifying. The pet owner will have the feeling that the golden retriever tomorrow will lose its fur and become a bald dog. In order to reduce the hair loss of the golden retriever, pet owners need to check many aspects, from food, bath water to the skin, they must check to see the cause of the hair loss, then the direction. treatment.

1. Seasonal waxing.

Blond hair loss is common when seasons change. When the weather changes to spring and autumn, the golden retriever sheds a lot of hair and grows new dog hair to adapt to the changing seasons and temperature. This situation is normal, pet owners do not need to worry too much, pay attention to brush the dog regularly with a comb to clean dead hair.

Second, lack of nutrition.

Dog coat growth requires adequate nutrients to become strong. If pet owners often feed their dogs only one type of food, do not pay attention to adding nutritional supplements, the dog’s coat will not be nutritionally satisfied, and will naturally fall out. Therefore, pet owners should feed golden-haired dogs with small and fast pets to supplement the necessary nutrients. Add foods high in protein such as egg yolks, salmon, and chicken breasts … are also good for dog hair.

3. Skin Problems.

When detecting a lot of yellow hair loss, pet owners should also check the dog’s skin for red spots or ringworm spots. Because when the dog’s skin is in trouble, the dog’s coat will be affected, resulting in a lot of hair loss. In this regard, pet owners need to put Elizabeth towels on their dogs and worm them if they become infected with parasites. If your dog has a ringworm infection, give him vitamin B vitamin B and pet itching medicine. Use Qu Wangman to treat ringworm, if necessary. Shave hair to shower medicine.

4. Incorrect bathing.

Incorrect bathing is also a common cause of widespread blonde hair loss. Pet owners should pay attention to the frequency of bathing, do not bathe yellow-haired dogs too often, every one to two weeks. The bath water used should also be specially designed for the dog, and inadequate toiletries will also affect the dog’s coat and skin. At the same time pay attention to regularly take the yellow fur to dry in the sun so that the sun can take care of the dog’s hair better.

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