The Golden Retriever listened to its owner

Everyone is no stranger to the Golden Retriever, and many people like it, but this dog has a shortcoming, which is that the hair is relatively long, prone to hair loss, especially when molting, it must be a sleeping place. , even It will greatly reduce walking, which makes many people love and hate Golden Retriever.

Before netizens didn’t have blonde hair, they thought blonde hair was very good, and they felt good in any way, so they had one, and they only regretted it after they raised it. It is also very serious. It really could not stand it.


Usually, netizens are quite good with Golden Retriever, and they don’t take too much, and they almost can’t accept that. Later, when Golden Retriever changed his hair, Golden Retriever was very serious. I went to live in the yard and didn’t let him sleep indoors at night.

At first there was a chance to go out to play, but now the owner didn’t take it out, just because it was too serious for hair loss, Mio felt very wrong, and it was not a question of whether he was suffering from hair loss or not. This is a law of nature. If you can not play outside, you can only stay in the yard.

Netizens thought that keeping Mio in the yard wouldn’t let him play, he would definitely get angry, or even angry, but didn’t expect it to have no idea, and actively cooperated with the owner. friendly, and it is not a warm issue, The character is too docile.

Mio’s reaction surprised netizens. Mio never seemed to be angry. He felt bored and walked in the yard. In short, you have your own way to pass the time. Sometimes he thinks of himself. It is great to have blonde hair that can be adjusted on its own, so that when you encounter something, you will not easily get angry and angry.

Mio had lived in the yard for a while, and now her hair was almost the same. Bring it out tomorrow, even though he has a good temper, but he can always stay home without going out. He will suffocate it, and he will lose the reward.

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