The Golden Retriever helps the owner to work every day

The Golden Retriever helps the owner to work every day, in addition to helping the neighbors to feed the sheep. Officer: What do you want your girlfriend to do!

The obedient and sensible big golden retriever will always be loved by everyone. In general, the household shovel has two large golden retriever dogs at their limit, because the dog eats a lot of dora, not small, and is active and makes people suspect that he has an Erha. However, since a foreign sausage worker especially likes golden retriever dogs, he has raised 5 at the same time.

Five large golden hounds were sleeping in a room, the scene could be considered extremely vivid. Many people know that golden retriever dogs are very intelligent and very skilled, they will help owners with some jobs.

And only one dog out of the five golden hounds bred by a foreign shovel worker had such outstanding skills. After witnessing this dog’s abilities, many netizens expressed their opinions about what they still want their girlfriends to do.

This golden retriever is the third in the family, and the third has very strong learning power, it only takes random observation of the shovel’s actions to learn. And this dog is also the busiest person in the family, because it always helps the shovel staff, looking at the dog’s working appearance, many people think that dinner does not give him more chicken feet, the owner. OK. I can not explain. The first thing this dog does every morning when he wakes up is to go to the toilet for the dirty clothes the owner has changed to the washing machine, then skillfully press the washer switch. During the bath, the dog will gently ask the staff to shovel to get up.

Once the clothes are washed, the dog will take a basin and place the clean clothes in the pot. Seeing that the dog is too active in serving the owner, many netizens want to organize a group to steal dogs. In addition to washing clothes, this golden dog can also dry clothes, to make the golden dog more convenient to work, the shovel staff specially set up a short drying rack for the golden dog to help him. This golden haired dog can successfully hang clothes.

After the clothes were washed, the youngest’s busy life began. The moment the third child walks out of the house, he will go to the nearby farm to help the farmer feed the sheep. Although there was no way back, the dog did not complain. Looking at the dog’s positive attitude, the rancher will sometimes share the remaining goat’s milk with the dog. Many netizens find it very cute to see dogs drinking with milky white beard.

But when the shovel worker shared his dog’s dinner, many netizens scrambled to embrace, why does this dog do so many things during the day and night food is like other dogs? To the netizens’ questions, the shovel worker strongly explained that this dog can always be active and always help himself with his work, but he often rewards his third child when enjoying snacks. for the dog. Too much is not good!

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