The Golden Retriever can be said to be the most loved dog breed

The Golden Retriever can be said to be the most loved dog breed by netizens in the dog world, because it not only has a likable personality but also is very smart, smart, now it is also called “uncle. great warm “. But when the Golden Retriever was mischievous, she was as dumb as a husky. One netizen raised two golden retrievers, but after returning from work that day, only one golden dog lying on the sofa worried the owner and thought that the other was lost, so take a closer look. than. , Laugh on the spot.

The golden retriever know that golden retriever rarely causes problems for their owners, but the strange thing is that when the man calls for the golden retriever, he does not hear anything, and is near as the entire room was searched and no trace of it found. Meanwhile, the man ran up to the golden retriever and asked what was going on. The man watched the golden retriever lying solemnly on the sofa: Where are you going?

The golden retriever immediately raised his head when the owner asked about it, the man immediately covered his mouth and laughed, it turned out that the golden retriever had hidden the other under his stomach. Damn it, take this fat guy away, he’ll be crushed to death!
It is said that dogs are very loyal to their owners, they say that they only recognize one owner in their life, they never hate poverty, disease, they will always accompany and will actively protect their owners. when you see the owner in danger. It is even possible for them to ignore their own lives, but some dogs are not annoyed when they go mad. Even their owner will bite. In the family of a man had such a ferocious dog. When he picked up the dog When he was a dog, the dog actually held the owner’s hand, which excited netizens.

It turned out that the man was hugging a newly born milk dog, looking at its butchered dog, not yet opened his eyes, but his temper was not small. The owner originally wanted to hug this lovely and likable guy in his arms, but when picked up, the little milk dog seemed to be bullied, and immediately kicked the owner. The dog shouted: let go of me, don’t touch me!

Although the man hugged the dog with one hand, judging its reaction, the little guy could not hold back at all. The man was so angry that he could not laugh, could not cry.

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