The dog loves to go out all afternoon

The dog loves to go out all afternoon. When he comes home, he refuses to open the door, wants to go into the balcony window when the owner is kicked out. It looks so muddy and littered that its owner can’t see it, isn’t my heart tired? The dog came home in the mud, the owner rage, netizen: Just stew and kill! It was determined to get inside the open window on the balcony, but its owner noticed it in time. The owner said, “I still know I’m going home.” I am not allowed in. If the floor is dirty, I don’t have food to eat today! The dog understands the story. The foot just stepped in immediately pulled back as if knowing he was wrong, making the owner uncomfortable. The dog came home in the mud, the owner was rage, netizen: Both stewed and eaten! But he wanted to go home very much, he saw the owner for a long time and refused to go, he had to call continuously with the owner like asking when he could come in. But the owner is angry, realizing that the dog’s filthy looks make his stomach angry, the dog is still unconsciously barking there, the owner wants to rush in and hit it, the dog sees the owner’s behavior, immediately right away Just one foot behind, kick one, don’t let your master hit, is relatively intelligent .

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The dog came home in the mud, the owner was indignant, netizens: Eating and slaughtering! I honestly don’t understand where this dog is going, it is in the city without planting rice in the ground, it’s annoying. The dog made a mistake and unconsciously, I wanted it to reflect out the door, as a result it drilled through the window and made the curtains dirty, this time, not only the dog and the curtains have to be washed the bargain Window sills must also be cleaned. Wipe the floor, thinking about it makes my heart tired, raising a similar careless dog, it’s a big head. The dog came home in the mud, the owner rage, netizen: Both stewed and slaughtered! Looking at the scum in this body for a long time, taking a long bath, myself will also delay with drama

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The owner scolded: I really don’t understand why I want to raise a dog, at that time my mind was startled, didn’t you mention Awang very obedient, your house all day bothering me? After posting the shipping on the internet, a netizen laughed and mentioned: “My dogs do this, I do not scold, I only prepare the materials and boil water to cook the stewed dog meat”. I often hear people talking about beauty tricks, but nowadays they actually come up with a beauty trick for dogs, which is arguably the latest dog-stealing method devised by dog ​​thieves. This is the case that a dog thief brings a beautiful dog to “talk” to own a target dog to steal, the intimacy between the breed is often considered normal by the owner, so he will not feel unusual ownership. both. The dog thief let his dog lure the target dog out, and the pet owner stole it without noticing. Dog thief again with new tricks to use the dog trick, considerate people! Even if the pet owner hit them on the spot, they own their own excuse, after all they didn’t use force to grab them, it was someone else’s dog that ran with their dog. This way is not inaccurate, it can achieve its goal, but also draws yourself out. In addition, no matter how strict your strategy will be with a gap in practice, such as a camera, all your moves will be filmed, no matter how sophisticated you are, it is pointless. The pet owner encountered such a terrible trick of dog theft, fortunately most of this period was recorded by the family camera, after calling the police quickly to find the dog thief and temporarily detain it. Dog thieves bring new tricks to use dog trick, everyone take care! Same thing, the owner of the livestock opened a small workshop and raised a German shepherd dog worth only 3,000 yuan, placed at the door to guard. Then the dog thief with his dog arrived in the vicinity of Demu bored.

The owner does not often take it out. therefore, seeing that a dog can play with him, he is not on guard, jumps off the line and chases after the dog. Dog thieves have new tricks to use dog tricks, people are meticulous! the two dogs played in front of the gate for a long time, but the dog thief remained still, feeling the time was about to ripen, he walked over and called for his dog, trying to get the playfully owned German shepherd follow. At first, the German Shepherd still remembers guarding, did not leave the familiar territory, after that, the dog thief tried a similar trick, letting his dog pull back. In the end, the German Shepherd ended up succumbing to the temptation and left with the playmate he ended up meeting … The dog thief brought a new trick to using dog tricks, people carefully ! Later, when discovered by the police, this man argued that he did not steal a dog, Demu always followed his dog and could not drive it away so he was temporarily helpless to let it follow. . After showing him the video, he bowed his head to confess his crime. Like hideous human traffickers, dog thieves have a thousand ways. I hope this can be problematic

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