The dog is an intelligent animal

The dog is an intelligent animal, and the ability to mimic is also promoted. If you are used to his master’s habits, you will naturally learn it. One day, when the owner is not paying attention, let it try the feeling of falling into the hole dug by itself.

One man thought it was boring to live alone at home, so he bought a golden retriever to accompany him. Give the Golden Retriever a set from time to time, and watch the dull look of the Golden Retriever to ease your frustration.

Although he prefers the golden retriever setup, the golden retriever is not such a vengeful dog. Its relationship with the owner is as close as a brother. No matter what you do, the golden retriever will accompany its owner.

On this day, the man was washing clothes and sitting on a small bench, with the golden retriever sitting aside. But not simply sitting in a daze, in its mind it has outlined a master’s cunning plan.

He stared straight at the stool under his master, just waiting for the right moment. Alas, the master finally got up, Kim Mao took the advantage of his master behind his back and took away the dung in his mouth, leaving him directly lying on the ground.

The idea of ​​Golden Retriever is very good, but before moving, it is followed by the owner. The shopkeeper looked at it with a serious look, as if told it: Leave the stool for me, still want to fix it, you are so soft. The Golden Retriever was shocked by her master’s killing intent, and immediately put the stool back on. Summarize the lessons that failed, next time right
Cats are cold owners in people’s hearts, not clingy like dogs. He is very good at seeing people’s faces, if he does something wrong and pisses off the shovel officer he will act like a child and adorable, and the shovel officer’s heart has become cute. How to blame.

The cat widened its eyes filled with tears and looked at the owner’s movements and facial expressions. Is it on people? Angry, the shovel officer also looked at him angrily, thinking how to punish this ill-fated cat.

Looking into the cat’s poor eyes, the shovel worker couldn’t think too badly of the cat. He hurt it. It is me who feels the pain. What if the cat ignored me afterwards? Without blaming him, I think it must be seduced by the cat’s cute appearance to look cuter, the shovel worker thinks I can’t hit the cat so scolded him, and just held out his hand. point to its nose. Reprimanded, who knew the small two-footed cat fell back and held its hand, her small eyes were pitiful, as if telling the shovel officer that it knew it was wrong and would not dare to do it again. It is crazy, it will be bad if you are angry.

That damn shovel worker instantly softened, even his frowning eyebrows relaxed, but yes, I can’t let this mistake go, and my tone is softer. Tell the cat it’s wrong to do this and don’t do it again. Today’s temperament is not as good as. The cat screamed as if it understood it, and its small paw was still on its master’s hand and its head brushed against the owner’s hand, as if telling the shovel worker that he knew wrong. Ah, do not dare to do this in the future, there will be no next time, don’t worry, don’t talk wildly, have to hug it, the shovel officer found it cute and cute so hugged it. Something.

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