The dog has a full moon, immature, but very beautiful.

When I got home from school in the afternoon two days ago, I was listening to some English words downloaded on my phone and was gluttonous when I suddenly saw a group of children in front of a small milk dog, chasing small wooden sticks in their hands. follow the dog. With a shrill howl, I bravely stepped forward and told them to stop, maybe because the children were young I was so scared I ran away.

The dog has a full moon, immature, but very beautiful. Seeing the dog’s trembling body and large intelligent eyes, I suddenly came up with the intention of bringing him home. The dog was still in shock when he saw me, I guess he was beaten by talented kids, so I hurriedly fed him half of the ham in my hand.

At first I meant to be defensive, I just smelled it, then I kept bringing the ham sausage to my mouth, I must be very hungry, under the temptation of the food, I still couldn’t resist so ate it. stand up.

After seeing that, I deliberately turned to go forward to see the dog’s reaction. Unexpectedly, the dog trembled to get up and run, perhaps the dog also confirmed that I was its owner? As I walked slowly I stealthily turned my head to look at it funny, I walked forward, it followed, when I stopped watching it immediately squat down on the ground wagging at me. In this way, I stopped and walked and followed me home.

Is there anything else to say? Immediately set out to prepare a nest for the dog. The photo above shows the condition of my dog. The dog is in good condition. He likes to go out onto the balcony when he’s okay, and look at him as lively and cheerful. I really love it! I will also take care of it!
On the way home from work, I saw that the car in front dropped a dog and drove away, the dog was chasing the car frantically behind, but wherever it chased, I saw the abandoned dog I was strangely angry often.

Fearing danger on the road, I ran the tram behind me, chasing the dog, at last the dog did all I could, watching the dog stuck out its tongue on the side of the road, I suddenly said wordless inside. Taste of coming out. I took the dog home, estimated to be too tired, the dog did not resist, did not struggle in my arms.

This is a normal breed, not a rare breed, for some reason the owner abandoned it. However, I am still very angry with the owner of the abandoned dog, after all, it is a life, if I do not want to raise, I can bring it to others, not let the dog live on the street.

My little boy stayed at my house for over a month, he was a bit rebellious and pee wherever he is, but I’m still very happy to be able to give him a home, I think I have done something meaningful.

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