The dog becomes mischievous

The dog becomes mischievous and turns into “Smurf,” and the shovel worker falls over to help the vet: What can I do?

Naughty dogs will always do things that make shovel officials laugh. In the United States, a schizophrenic sausage person has suffered from an almost schizophrenic dog. Do you know what happened? This dog is a stray dog, and when picked up by a shovel officer, the dog has an abnormal behavior. At home, I not only like to dig the soil everywhere but also like to bite and break things, and always do a lot at home.

These days, the shovel officer has nothing to do so he thinks about creating an oil painting. After finishing the painting, the shovel worker looked at the sun outside, and thought of taking the oil painting to the yard to dry.

Unexpectedly, after seeing the shovel worker behavior, the dog immediately ran curiously. When the dog saw the shovel worker hanging the picture in the yard, it jumped on the picture without hesitation while the shovel worker didn’t notice, and rolled over and over on the picture. In a short time, the dog’s coat turns from snow white to blue.

When the shovel worker saw the dog again, he was almost unafraid in front of Smuggling in front of him. The dog looked expectantly, as if to say, “What are your eyes, my new skin isn’t dazzling enough?” Because the paint in the oil painting contains water repellent, I wash the dog twice. After three times, the coat color on the dog’s body not only did not disappear, but was also brighter. In times of desperation, the shovel staff could only seek help from the doctor. After understanding the trouble of the shovel officer, the doctor smiled and comforted: “It’s okay, the pigments are on the surface of the hair and disappear”.

Since the dog’s fur has turned blue, the shovel manager often does not dare to wear the same color shirt for fear of others thinking that he intentionally dyed the dog’s fur blue to make the dog. become more special. . Within a few days, the shovel officer took the dog out on the beach at the invitation of a friend. After a day at the beach, the paint on the dog’s body was miraculously washed away. Only a little pale blue on its face reminded the shovel staff of the dirt on the dog’s body a few days ago. Son is not a dream.

These days, so many dogs are so mischievous that they always leave the shovel worker especially helpless. In the process of educating dogs, sausage staff must lead by mirror. This shit-like official dog turned into Smurf, in fact partly due to shit officials. Wanting to dry oil paintings is understandable, so why not place oil paintings out of the reach of dogs but directly on the ground?

The dog was inherently curious, the shovel staff placed the dog’s perishable items in such a conspicuous place, which clearly implied that the dog quickly ruined the picture. If you do not want your dog to form a bad habit of destroying things, you have to practice harder in everyday life!

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