The dog and the shovel officer passed away on the same day

The dog and the shovel officer passed away on the same day, touched the family, the dog: I can’t leave the old man alone

The dog’s short life gave the damn shovel an extra sense of life and death, and that was learning to appreciate. Dogs only bond with humans for these ten short, short ten years, dogs are not only pets, but also a member of the shovel officer’s family. Therefore, their departure will cause the family to be very sad.

Recently, an 80-year-old man from a foreign country found himself seriously ill, only less than two weeks away. Although he knew he might not live much longer, the old man did not show too much fear and fear; instead, he worried that if he left, the old man in the Golden Retriever family would how? It turned out that this old man adopted a small yellow-haired dog 11 years ago, after 11 years and days together, this dog gradually became an old dog. It has changed from being a playful and playful dog that loves opening doors to a dog that is lazy, ready to lie in bed every day.

Because the dog is old, plus the joint diseases, it is very difficult for the dog to walk every day, only lying in the cave. To prevent the dog from worrying about him, the old man built a small bed in his hospital bed room. The aim is for the Golden Retriever to feel comfortable looking at it every day.

The dog sees the old man playing with him on weekdays, just like himself, lying in bed every day, as if he realizes something. Every day I stare at the elder’s direction. Accompanying the dog, the old man’s condition gradually stabilized, by the day the old man died, the dog also left with the shovel officer. Surprisingly, the dog walked an hour and a half earlier than the shovel officer. I don’t know if this was coincidence or intentional. The dog actually died the same day as the shovel officer, and some time before that. Doggo’s approach seemed to be for the shovel officer to have a companion on the road as he left, not to leave the old man alone.

When the family found the dog’s body, the dog froze. After this happened, many people felt particularly emotional. Leave the old man and the dog together forever. Members of his grandfather’s family built a dog’s tombstone next to the old man’s tombstone. This way, two old friends can be together forever. After the dog watches, their actions will become sluggish like the elderly, and they will no longer be as lively and vibrant as they were when they were children.

Many people keep dogs to make life more interesting, but in the process of raising dogs, some dog breeders gradually consider dogs as their family members. In fact, as long as you make sure that you have fulfilled your responsibilities with the dog, even if one day the dog walks away, you will not regret it.

When caring for old dogs, in addition to providing adequate nutrition for them, sausage staff need to spend more time with them. Because the dog can pass away quietly on a normal day!

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