The 7 dogs that are most destroyed are poorer

Different dogs have different personality traits and different athletic needs. The owner must understand before raising. Today, let’s talk about the dogs that are most easily destroyed and destroyed. If you have these dogs, you can tell that they are getting poorer and poorer. Are your dogs in there? WewPet


7, “play well” Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu is a very playful dog, as long as it gets out, it will completely free itself, and it will show us its crazy side. Shiba Inu has a stubborn personality, and the dog does not have much temperament, but when he begins to “have a temper,” he often ignores the owner’s instructions. If they’re energetic, if they don’t go out, destroying the house is also scary.

Although Shiba Inu has such stubborn personality, it’s not easy to raise it, but many people still want to raise it, and the price is not cheap.

6. Bian Shepherd, “Chi leads the business”
Bianmu will definitely be on the list. This dog has two main characteristics. The first characteristic is the hair on its body. The hair on it is especially prone to shedding. This is really annoying for the owner. Often, proper care is needed, and the diet should also be kept light and nutritious.

In addition to this feature, another feature of it is energetic. Even if it runs for a day in the wild, after returning home at night, its power is still sufficient. If you plan to raise it, you must prepare in advance to be destroyed by it.

5. “Natural enemy of bad guys” Rottweiler
The Rottweiler is an exceptionally loyal dog and has the ability to take care of a strong home, but the Rottweiler also loves to demolish the house. Many netizens said that after raising Rottweiler.

A complete loss at home: a set of wooden sofas, a few walls about 5 square meters wide, a small portion of the wooden floor about half a square meter wide, the lower half of the toilet door frame is gone, more than 8 pillows, slippers, leather shoes, trash!

4. Teddy dog ​​”Jing Jing”
Regardless of the small size of the teddy bears, they are lively, kind and very approachable. They are a loyal breed of dog. But the destructive power of this little guy should not be underestimated, especially when he was young, sandals, socks and wires at home were not spared.

Holding teddy dogs should also pay attention to good diet. They are dog breeds that are easy to fade. Therefore, you can buy some beautiful and solid colored dog food every day, and the right sun exposure will have certain benefits for the fur.

3. “Fighter” Corgi
Don Tiet thinks that Corgi has short legs and not high damage ability. Corgis are very good at destroying homes, but because their legs are too short, the sofa at home can still be saved. But shoes, chairs and carpets are hard to say. If its legs were longer, it was estimated that it could be compared to Erha’s ability to demolish the house.

Do not let Corgis go up and down stairs regularly, they are very vulnerable to their spine. Corgi dogs are also more stubborn, so it is best to bring some snacks to lure them during training, so that they are docile and easier to train.

2. “Warm male” golden retriever
Regardless of how well-behaved and sensitive the Golden Retriever is, he looks like a kind man in general, but in fact, he’s a small specialist hidden in house demolition. Especially when the Golden Retriever was young, the Golden Retriever was no longer sensitive at the time, only knowing that there was no place to distribute energy, it was very easily dispersed at home.

Golden Retrievers are also “famous” for hair loss, so what people eat doesn’t suit them to eat, it will aggravate hair loss. Staple foods should choose low-salt, balanced and natural foods, like “great natural dog food,” to avoid excessive hair loss in the diet, and don’t forget to use them in 1. up to 2 hours of exercise a day, this can reduce their dismantling. Behavior.

1. “Captain destroyed”
The Huskies are arguably the most expensive dog breed, but this is also the most domesticated dog breed, and its price is relatively high. But this is not where it burns the most money. The place where it burns the most money is when it destroys its home. Change one piece of furniture every day and change your home once a week. Who can tolerate this? Only the rich can do it.

Huskies originally lived in cold places, but now they are distributed in many different places. They are very hot dogs and they are also prone to diarrhea, vomiting, etc. They must pay special attention to raising them, but those who do not know that they have raised “uncle”!

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