The 6 things that Teddy naturally fears are simply representative

Friends who don’t know about Teddy will think that they are shy and defiant dogs. In fact, Teddy owners will know that they are sensitive dogs. Shouts are also to hide their fears. Teddy is simply a representative of “internal advisors and outside gangs”.

1. The sound of firecrackers
In the new year, loud firecrackers will have an impact on Teddy. Frightened Teddy will immediately hide, or run into the arms of the owner to continue reeling, seeking comfort. Because such sounds will make them feel dangerous, they will behave to avoid protecting themselves.

However, there are some fearless teddies. They are also very excited, relevant to their breeding environment.


2. Things you have not seen
When Teddy encounters something he has seen before and hears sounds coming from unknown sources, such as car horns on the road, tall animals, large machines that have not been seen, etc., Teddy will recognize the unknown. Fear.

When Teddy encounters such a situation, he often has two reactions, one is to run away and look for cover, the other is to shout and want to scare the opponent.

3. Sent to an unfamiliar environment
Teddy is a dog with more territories, especially in an unfamiliar environment, after leaving his territory. When they invade another person’s territory, they will naturally feel that a violation of another’s territory may be attacked by the host. In an unfamiliar environment, Teddy will lose his sense of security.

Therefore, the owner is not allowed to give up or abandon the teddy dog, which is a big blow for them.

4. Nothing to eat
For Teddy, it’s terrible to eat without food. They can become “crazy” with food, so the owner shouldn’t laugh at Teddy with food. This will only make you disgusting. Usually, we should also feed a fixed point and choose some nutritious dog food.

For Teddy who is particularly voracious, the owner cannot give snacks and can only be used as a reward during training. Otherwise, if you eat too many snacks, you will easily form a fussy eating habit.

5. Scare the hospital doctor
Because Teddy is in a puppy, the owner will vaccinate Teddy and take them to the corresponding treatment when they are sick. Not only Teddy, but most dogs are afraid to inject. Some Teddy has been there once. After leaving the hospital, the next time I come to the hospital door, I will be very resistant and scared.

The owner can coax it, give it a sense of security and relax it.

6. Close the door at home
Although Teddy can sometimes be kept at home, they are very lively and enjoy playing in the outside world. They do not like being at home often. Because of Teddy’s physical and mental health, the owner should take the dog outside for a walk and remember to Take the zipper and pay attention to safety.

Play some interactive games with Teddy outside and enjoy some snacks (like goat cheese, chicken jerky, etc.) for good performance, which can increase emotions and improve Teddy’s obedience to with the owner.

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