Teddy is a pet dog kept in many families

Teddy is a pet dog kept in many families, but sometimes some acts done by the owner can actually cause some harm to the teddy bear. In fact, if you do the following with your dogs, they will easily bring a certain psychological shadow to them, and some dogs will even hate you. I do not know how many of them you have made?

Let him eat chili
Some owners may want to see how Teddy responds after eating chili, so if they eat chili, they will eat it. This is really a very wrong approach. Chili is a spicy food. Dogs can easily stimulate them and make them bite.


And it’s easy to make Teddy the dog have a psychological shadow, this can cause the dog no longer believes in you, and your feelings will be divided to a certain extent.

Deliberately scares the dog
Some teddy dogs are very timid, so the owner must not be afraid of it, especially when the dog is sleeping, if you suddenly fear it, it will make the dog very uncomfortable, and the dog will be right in a long time. You are very alert.

If it’s serious, the teddy dog ​​will run when you see it, so the owner should never be afraid of the dog regularly!

Everyone who owns a teddy dog ​​knows that a teddy dog ​​is stingy. If the owner can control his emotions and often beats and scolds it, then Teddy will become very alert and will not even approach you, even Attack you.

Therefore, the owner must not vent on Teddy every time, because this will make it hate you! Teddy is very smart. If he does something wrong, he should be punished with a care cane. If true, it is appropriate to reward some snacks, so that it knows it is right and wrong, and it will be more obedient.

Pretend not to want it
Donith kicks your dog out because he did something wrong, he’ll think you don’t want it, that will make him very sad, because in the dog’s eyes, the owner is everything, because So try not to do that. If a dog does something wrong, he has to teach it, and some dogs will actually run away from home!


Most dogs don’t like to be hugged, and the same is true of Teddy, because this will make them feel a kind of instinctive, oppressive pressure, except that the owner, others may be bite when hugging Teddy. The body becomes stiff or the first active ears are drooping, which means that your Teddy doesn’t like the feeling of being held.

Abandon Teddy
This is a cruel thing to Teddy. Teddy doesn’t know what he did wrong and the owner will abandon him. Some dogs don’t even know that their owner has abandoned him and is still waiting in the same place. The host came to pick him home. So please never be like that.

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