Techniques of how to raise Ket kong fish in beautiful color

How to raise red king kong or red kong, red Anh Vu red fish… is it difficult? It can be seen that this is one of the beautiful feng shui fish. Many people keep in aquariums and aquariums. But not everyone knows how to raise ket king fish that is not beautiful and strong. What do Red Fish eat? How to breed Red Ket spawning?

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Introducing the breed of Hong Ket king kong

Red Red Fish – Blood Parrot Cichlid, also known in English as Blood Parrot Cichlid, Parrot Cichlid, Bloody Parrot is a hybrid fish formed as a result of breeding in the family Cichlidae.

They were bred in Taiwan in the 1986. This fish is characterized by a beak-shaped mouth, a bright red body. Body large and thick, can be up to 20cm long. The temperament can be combined with other fish.

How to raise king kong is not difficult, what red red snapper can eat is fine because they have a good immune system, high resistance to less diseases, easy adaptation to changes in habitat. Currently they are chosen by the majority of fish farmers due to their affordable cost and high breeding capacity.

Some basic standards choose Red Ket

  • Choosing fish Blood Anh Vu is bright red with whole body red. Do not mix black spots, the red the better, but be careful that it is natural red.
  • The body of the Blood Anh Vu fish is bright, round, thick, the shorter the better. Similar to the cute short round shape of a goldfish.
  • There is a cute and interesting mouth. A perfect fish should have a triangular mouth, a T-shape or a heart shape.
  • Observe that the swimming state of the fish is normal? Do not choose ones that float above the water or are always submerged. Each fin fragment develops naturally, gill cover does not flip out, respiration gently.
  • Choosing the fish of Blood Anh Vu is bright red without injury, transparent and vivid eyes.
  • Anorexia, strong swimming, active and active.
  • Normally, the way to raise the king kong should pair Red Ket fish and 2-3 fish to clean the tank with the same shape as cleaning in the tank, which can be purchased together. This is a fish that can be kept together with the Red Cabbage. How many aquarium fish should be kept depends on the size, space and amount of feng shui and the fish spawning.
  • At present, the heart-tailed Red Redtail on the market is due to the tail cut off. This is a cheap “deformed” fish that should not be bought for feeding.

The body and mouth of the Blood Anh Vu fish are bright red

Skewered body: A certain part of Red Ketfish’s body has an oblique curvature. This is quite normal. Especially for the tail area. These are quite obvious defects.

Different mouth shapes of the Red Anh Vu blood fish also have different mouth characteristics. This fish usually has a T, V-shaped mouth. Or an inverted triangle is best.

The natural red snapper has a crescent moon shape. King kong snapper has the most shaped mouth. In particular, there are many fish whose mouths are “pouting”. Certainly need to choose carefully.

In addition, the lower lip of the Blood Anh Vu fish is quite bright red, the teeth are not beautiful, so it is better to choose fish with the lower lip towards the inside. The principle of choice is that when looking at the face, the fish’s mouth looks like he is smiling “ha ha”, that makes people love it. Based on that to build a suitable breeding method for King Kong Redfish.

Blood Anh Vu’s ankle is bright red

The fish’s eyes should be even, clear, and flexible. Small eyes are not beautiful. Too big to look like old. In addition, it should be noted that the “white” of the ankle must be light yellow, clear and bright.

Many fish “whites” eyes have black streaks, not complete golden circle, not looking good. Small fish will probably fade the black streak. The bloodline Anh Vu is medium bright red and large fish cannot fade away. When choosing fish, pay special attention, do not choose fish with black streaks in the eyes.

How to raise kong kong red snapper in Vietnam

Water quality

Red Mackerel has very strong adaptability, can live in weak acidic to neutral environments. However, due to the structure of the mouth can not expand, the Red Ket absorbs oxygen less than half in the water compared to many other fish. If you are injured, but do not know how to raise the Red Kong, the fish’s health will be affected.

Therefore, fish farmers need to pay attention to provide enough oxygen for the fish. Especially keeping the water environment clean, avoiding bacteria multiplying will cause fish disease. Pay special attention to regular water changes.

According to many experts, after changing the water, the red snapper is often more flexible, the color of the fish scales is also more vibrant. On average, change water once every 3 days, each time do not exceed 1/4 of the amount of water in the aquarium. Before changing the water, clean the tank before replacing it with a new one. The way to raise kong kong is to use new water, because the pH of the water is very suitable for them.


The bright red Anh Vu blood fish is relatively sensitive to temperature. How to raise king kong fish with the ideal temperature for keeping red red snapper is 25 ~ 28 ℃. If the temperature is too low, the fish will be less flexible, the color will also fade and become susceptible to disease.

The expression of the fish in heat shock is the appearance of black stripes or black spots on the body. So keeping the water temperature in balance is of the utmost importance. Do not allow temperature difference before and after water change, keep it at 1 ℃.


Which fish are raised with Red Ket?

Red Ket is often bred with silver arowanas. Keep them with other Red ket and leopard catfish. These aquarium breeds are not only similar in habits or habitats, but also good grafting subjects.

Silver Arowana

Silver arowanas live in tropical rivers and lakes. It lives quietly, often swimming in the environment with aquatic plants. They will quickly attack when they see prey. How to raise King kong with Silver Dragon fish will avoid many conflicts.

Examples are fish, shrimp and shellfish. It is considered a very temperate fish in the arowanas family. Can be bred with fish of the same size. It is also the most fertile among the arowanas family.

Fish Tai Leopard Skin Statue

They have an oval body. The black body has unusual red-orange spots. Look very special. The leopard catfish is a large fish among tropical fish.

They can reach 30cm in length under suitable natural conditions. Currently there are many different varieties. After being raised by humans, they have a lot of changes. When people approach the aquarium, they swim and greet.

Things to note when grafting Red Ket

After you know which Red Ket fish are kept with, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • The stocking density and the size of the fish cannot be too different. Otherwise, there will be big fish bullying small fish.
  • Water quality requirements are not so strict. Water temperature of about 22 – 26 ° C is fine. Neutral or slightly acidic pH. Fish feed includes small fish, fish meat, shrimp, and earthworms.
  • How to raise kong kong with light and aquatic plants. They like large spaces, living in the middle and upper floors. Good physique, mild temperament, getting to know people. Fast growth.

How to raise kong king kong with ideal density

The stocking density is something to keep in mind when breeding Red Ket. How density of fish can be stocked to keep the fish healthy and not lose its aesthetic. This also needs people to study carefully how to raise kong kong. It is imperative that the hobbyist adjust the fish during the feeding process, to at the same time create a beautiful and healthy aquarium.

Strictly speaking, the right ratio between fish and water is 1 cm fish / 1 liter of water. This is what everyone understands. That means a fish about 10cm can be kept with 10l of water. This is also the tip of releasing fish when keeping Red Ket.

What do Red Fish eat?

What does Red Fish eat in the wild? They eat omnivores, their food includes industrial food, chopped fresh food, worms, shrimp, water lice, … Even other fish leftovers can be eaten.

Red Ket do not eat aquatic plants but have the habit of scouring the bottom to damage the plants, not suitable for aquariums. Note that fish can eat small and medium-sized fish, should be kept with species of similar size or fish fast swimming. To practice fish feeding, the farmer does the following

Before feeding Red Ket, it is necessary to turn on the light for about 5 minutes for the fish to get used to it, then start feeding. After a while, just turning on the fish lights will know when to eat.
What can be fed once a day is once a time at a fixed time to form a rule for the fish. Later on when the time is right, the fish will know how to eat.
Red snapper can be kept with any fish
Many people have a habit of keeping Red Anh Vu blood fish with other types of fish. These fish are gentle, but they can eat fish as small as mouth size. Should be kept together with species of similar size or fast swimming fish.

Due to their small mouth cavity, they rarely attack other fish and are not defenseless, so it is best to choose to keep the king kong with gentle breeds.

Beautiful aquarium design

Red snapper has large size, vibrant color. So when arranging the aquarium, it is necessary to create a space to avoid them colliding with each other. Decorations should be firmly fixed, to prevent fish from spilling on impact.

You can use a log, fossil tree trunk or lava stone to decorate the aquarium. The deep colors of the wood contrasting with the bright colors of the fish create a very beautiful sight.

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