Take care of the oral health of your pet

Recently, Goodeng’s pet nutrition line-up has added a series of Goodeng’s tooth cleaning products (Miao Chi Jie / Wang Chi Jie). This product is based on market research and research results, and therefore has designed a product suitable for pets. In the survey, it was found that dental disease was the most common disease in pet health exams. Of those, more than two-thirds of pets over the age of 3. Pets can get dental disease, and all dogs and cats are susceptible to dental disease, and most of them are small dogs. Veterinary dental experts believe that the teeth of small dogs are too large for their entire oral cavity, so the alignment of the teeth must be closer, and the incidence of dental disease will also increase.

The main focus of the cleaning product series is to help pets solve oral problems from the source and innovate oral renewal. A range of products that continue the brand concept of “all life has the same value” and “focus on the nutrition and health of the pet”, meet the many care needs of pet owners and even even more suitable for the oral pain points of consumers.

It uses lysozyme imported from Spain (lysozyme is a biological enzyme in the animal’s body, directly losing the cell walls of damaged bacteria. It can secrete harmful bacteria in the mouth with time. Short contact time, making it easy to fall out of the teeth, Can help prevent plaque formation and long-term gum disease. This is a natural solution to pet’s dental problems.), History Using food grade raw materials, while scientifically combining many nutrients, it has the effect of eliminating bad breath, inhibiting dental plaque and reducing calculation.

In a series of production processes and product development, Sheng Jinhe and Nanjing Agricultural University have developed close cooperation. This collaboration provides the most scientific solutions and the most advanced technical support for this product.

In cooperation, both sides have promoted their respective advantages and developed the most logical and scientific pet tooth cleaning products: Meow / Wang Chi Jie, a lysozyme biological enzyme cleaning element imported from Spain, using food grade raw materials and is suitable for many nutrients; Eliminate bad breath, inhibit dental plaque, reduce dental calculations.

In 2020, Gudeng “all lives have the same value”, will appear along with other new products at the Asian Pet Show. Let Gudeng work with you to protect the health of your pet!

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