Summer is almost over

Summer is almost over, even my dog ​​has lost weight, but I haven’t lost a pound!

Summer is coming and about to leave, have you achieved your weight loss goals in Lixia? On a hot day like this, I definitely want to wear a small dress to go shopping, but is your swim ring ugly, meaty on your legs and thick? So take action when the summer isn’t over. Look, even your dog or the neighbor’s dog has lost weight, why didn’t you lose weight?

When it comes to losing weight, many people must think so. In Tet, we say we will lose weight at the end of the year, during the epidemic we say we will lose weight after work, in the summer we go back to work, we say we lose weight, no one will feel fat in winter. However, the summer is coming to an end, you are still not losing weight, and then you regret that you already know that you have stopped eating a lot and not exercising. So you seem surprised and find that your dogs are thinner than before.

Even “pulled pigs” can not pull too much, because being fat is difficult to be a girl, even the owner knows that a dog is too fat, but think about it, how easy it is to lose weight. As for owners who keep dogs as pets, it’s like living the lives of the elderly, it’s strange that dogs are not fat, but there are also many ruthless dogs who want to lose weight, because after losing weight, they no longer love far away. . So girls who are still trying to lose weight, even dogs have lost weight, are you hard?

A dog weight loss contest was held in the UK a while ago, the purpose is to help dogs lose weight successfully, as too much fat is not good for dogs and can cause illness. Before the game, the dogs were very big, fat and fat. After the match, everything was completely different, they all got heroic and full of energy, it’s cute to see how confident they are. But then again, how did they lose weight? The effect was so good that the owner couldn’t lose weight, and the dog did it.

There is also a puppy in the UK, because it is too fat, even the veterinarian says it can die suddenly. Even it was difficult to walk and not climb the stairs. Dogs that can jump around are very jealous. The owner is a small nurse, knows some nutrition, so it helps the dog develop a weight loss plan, such as running and eating snacks. Furniture, swimming. It does not take long, the dog loses weight slowly, after one year, it becomes a lively, cute and healthy dog ​​that can play with other puppies.

Sometimes dogs really inspire and can encourage people to do what they want. With their encouragement, we will work even harder. Summer has not passed yet, so the girls should quickly take action to lose weight with their chubby guy, wear it well!

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