Step by step guide to change aquarium water, aquarium properly

Changing the aquarium water or replacing the aquarium water is very important in the care of the fish. Changing the tank water will clean the tank, removing harmful substances from the water environment in the tank. However, not everyone knows how to change the aquarium water.

Changing the aquarium water too many times a week will do more harm than good to your pet. So how to change the aquarium water is correct? What is the proper way to change the water for the fish and how long does it take to change the tank?


How often to change the aquarium water is best

It is important to consider how often to change the aquarium water. Water is considered the top habitat for fish, so when changing water, you should not only focus on techniques of tank cleaning but also should pay attention to the time to change the aquarium water so that it is reasonable.

How often to change the aquarium water is reasonable. The time for each aquarium water change is 1-2 weeks, depending on the water condition in the tank. This water change time for this aquarium ensures the safety and health of the most aquarium fish.

Avoid changing the aquarium water too many times a week because fish need a fixed environment to live a healthy life. You can pump by hand, this water change can be used if the tank is small. This is the most commonly used mini aquarium water change.

Before adding tap water to your tank, you need to separate the water in a clean basin. It takes about 2 to 3 days for the chlorine gas to evaporate. Avoid fish poisoning. An aquarium water changer can be sought.

Changing the aquarium water is based on many factors such as topography, fish community, and tank size. The tank should be cleaned to avoid dirty rubbish that pollutes the fish habitat. However, the beneficial microorganisms should be kept.


How to change water for fish is simple

No matter how often the aquarium water changes, only change about 20% – 30% of the water in the tank to not remove all beneficial microorganisms for fish. This also has the effect of not making the fish shocked because the water environment is too new. Take out old water and pour the new water slowly into the aquarium.

Some notes you need to be aware of are that not all beautiful aquariums use the same method. How to change water for Arowanas is different from how to change water in Arhat aquarium and how to change water in Koi aquarium. How often to change water for the aquarium is also based on behavior and fish breed.

Steps to change water for fish

Choose a temporary aquarium

The fish will need to be placed in the tank temporarily while you wash and change the aquarium water. So look for an aquarium of the right size, a bucket or a pot that will serve as a temporary aquarium.

Treatment of aquarium water

You will need to treat the water that will be used in the tank temporarily to balance the temperature and pH. The way to change the fish water and clean the water is to leave it overnight after temporarily filling the tank and wait for the chlorine concentration in the water to neutralize.

The location of the temporary aquarium

Avoid direct sunlight. Do not place the tank temporarily in a window or under strong light, as the heat from these places can raise the water temperature, silently harm the fish. Also, make sure to place the tank temporarily in a place where children and pets cannot disturb the fish.

Pick up fish

Remove fish from the tank with a racket and place them in a temporary tank with clean water. Use a large tub as a temporary tank to give the fish enough space to swim.

When using a racket to transfer fish from one tank to another, make sure the two tanks are close together. This will limit the amount of time the fish is not in the water, thereby reducing the stress level in the fish. In general, how to change water for fish needs to take steps very skillfully.

Observe and monitor after changing the aquarium water

While cleaning the tank, make sure you keep an eye on the fish in the temporary tank. Look for changes in their behavior, color, and activity level.

Pay attention to eliminating fish leftovers

Aquarium fish live in water, very easily dirty and polluted. So should be conscious of keeping the area inside and outside the aquarium. Give the fish a sufficient amount of food. The amount of food spent to make sure that the fish will eat it all within 2 minutes.

Uneaten food is the main cause of high ammonia in the tank. The water filter will, of course, filter out leftovers, but not all. In addition, leftovers often get clogged in the water passage.

If you use several ways to change the water in your aquarium that is still cloudy, you should purchase water cleanliness meters available from aquarium stores to measure the amount of ammonia in the water.

Check to see if the water is clean and suitable for the fish. How often the aquarium water changes does not mean the time it takes.

This should be done regularly as fish can die if living in environments with too high ammonia. Time to clean at least 1 time a month. Clean the whole tank along with the decorations inside the tank.

Detect any abnormalities when changing the aquarium water

During the care process, the owner must regularly observe the fish carefully to know the habits and preferences of the fish. Since then, promptly avoid the adverse effects and make the fish sick.

If the fish shows fatigue, swim erratically. There are signs of not eating, excess food. Unusually red eyes, able to stand still and refuse to swim. Fish colors have many variations. Observed that there are some black spots on the fins and along the spine, the fish is definitely poisoned with ammonia.

Now you need to change the water of the aquarium immediately and take very careful care of the fish. If this is too serious, consult a professional fish breeder or aquarium shop owner.

These are the things you should keep in mind in how to change water for fish and care for fish. Especially pay attention to how often to change the aquarium water according to your own cycle. Do it regularly. Wish you all will have fun with healthy fish.

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