Speaking of huskies

Speaking of huskies, everyone’s impression of them is stupid! The owner who feeds them is not an ordinary person, must withstand its shortcomings, otherwise there will be no courage to feed them! In fact, not only humans, even dogs of the same type and other dogs, are sometimes intolerable.

There is such a netizen who has a husky and golden hound at home. On this day, netizens planned to take two dogs out, so they brought them and left them behind. At first, the two dogs were quite honest, but after a while, I didn’t know that the husks had shrunk, they opened their mouths and started to bite the golden retriever! The honest Golden Retriever did not resist, and even when Husky bit it, it is estimated that he was confused by Erha’s sudden behavior!

I really don’t understand why this husky bit the golden retriever, was it because he was hungry? But you can’t eat the golden retriever, just for fun? Looking at the obedient look of the golden retriever, why does it hurt a little! Golden Retriever: Shovel, shall we throw that dumb dog beside him? Not only silly but also bad breath!

We all know that you have to pay to buy things in the supermarket, maybe kids don’t know that when they see something delicious and fun, they take it away. Parents have to pay for them. As for the pets around us, they cannot help but want to eat when they see so much delicious food, those who scoop up their droppings need to pay for what they destroy.

There was a netizen who raised a Shiba Inu taro ball at home. Netizens were hungry that day, so they took their dogs to a nearby supermarket to buy food. As a result, upon arriving at the supermarket, Shiba Inu could not help but stare at the food on the shelf, left and right, not knowing what he was looking for. Finally, when the owner was about to leave, he found out that the Shiba Inu had a ham in his mouth! Is this trying to steal ham from the supermarket? Luckily I did, otherwise I would have thought I was a thief!

This ham is not going to work, dog saliva is on the packaging anyway! Netizens can only make Shiba Inu pay for the ham sausage! Looks like this guy did it on purpose. He just takes whatever he wants to eat. The owner will not buy it! Taro ball: Don’t get me wrong, boss, I’m not stealing, my shovel worker waiting for checkout at the counter, barking!

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