Some people really have the courage

Some people really have the courage to feed a large group of German shepherds.

Not long ago, Ha Ge watched a video on the Internet. A girl has 8 German shepherd dogs and they are all grown. There has been a thief.

Speaking of German Shepherd, you can immediately think of police dogs.

German Shepherds and horseshoes are not necessarily associated with police dogs, but they do have a certain relationship. As we all know, German Shepherds and horseshoes still need a lot of training and evaluation to Become a police dog.

Does the police dog have a good relationship with its “partner”?

What is the partner of a police dog? Hearing this word, many netizens must have been a bit confused.

A policeman in America was injured while carrying police dogs on duty.

Because his injury was still a bit serious, the policeman was taken to the hospital for a few days. Do you remember him because his teammate “gave birth to death” with me?

Completed the mission but the policeman was injured, he was very thankful to his “brother”.

His “brother” (partner) is a horse.

“Can you bring it to see you, I kind of miss it.”

Although the policeman was injured and lay on the hospital bed, he still thought of the police dog that would complete the task with him, his request was not too much so his colleague agreed and said that he would bring the dog. come. See you in the hospital.

The next day, his colleague took his “brother” to the hospital.

When the dog and horse arrived at the hospital, he was a bit agitated and kept looking left and right.

Arriving at the ward, the police dog saw its “captain”.

“Hey man, are you okay?” The horse and horse rushed as quickly as possible to the hospital bed, its owner looked at it and touched the police dog’s head, it seemed that he was still deeply involved with his partner.

Because the policeman had just operated, he could not get off the bed to walk, so he did not let the dog climb onto the bed.

The horse and horse stood up, reaching out to sniff the policeman.

Seeing the old “boss” lying on the bed, the dog seemed to understand.

The horse and horse became gentle, it silently watched the brother who was born and died with him, a little agitated, maybe he wanted the other person to carry it, but unfortunately the policeman could not stand up. hug it.

The dog was in a low voice, heartbroken to see such a weakness.

The horse barked at him a few times, as if to say, “You need to get well quickly.”

The horse and horse tiptoed and put his head close to his master’s shoulder.

The colleague was worried that the horse and horse would injure the policeman who had just recovered well after climbing on the bed, so he did not let the horse and horse come to his “owner”, watching his teammate hurt, the policeman was injured. smile.

Doggie: Hello! You must get well soon.

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