Some dogs look big

Some dogs look big, but in fact they are very brave. It really failed. The figure of the body and everything is imaginary. You really cannot expect that they will protect your employer. Is your dog one of them?

6. “The Angel Smiles” Samoyed

Samoyed is very shy by nature, and the brave Samoyed is actually a famous “coward”. With a mischievous personality, the Samoyed dog is also a natural mischief. When familiar with the environment and certain objects, its destructive ability is also of the first class.

5. Border Collie “IQ Boss”

Bian Mu is not small in size, and he is also a shepherd dog, for the reason that he shouldn’t be so brave. In fact, the courage of the Bien Mite is indeed not small. Its courage is that it is very intelligent, it can always accurately judge danger or not, and it is also relatively “selfish”.

If it feels dangerous, it will not be loyal to the owner but will immediately hide behind the owner, or pretend that it does not see the owner. Like a shepherd dog, Bian Mu only manages the herd. If a wolf appears, Bian Mu’s first reaction is to notify her master instead of protecting the pack.

Four, “played well” Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu, its courage is very small, when seeing other dogs outside, even seeing the small dog, it feared hiding behind its master. Occasionally, the Shiba Inu will continue to run around outside, not because they are active, not because they are naughty, but because they meet other people or animals that scare them off. run!

3. “Three silly bosses” Alaska

Some thought that since Allah was their eldest brother, he had to be very courageous. The ideas of these people are wrong. Allah is the oldest, but not the bravest, but the least. His courage was inferior to that of Samoyed. When it meets a Chihuahua on the road, it will immediately run behind its owner. You know, for its size, it can shoot a flying Chihuahua with one leg, but it doesn’t dare to do so.

2. “Heartbreak Dog” Great Dane

Unbeknownst to many, the Great Dane has a tall and majestic appearance, but many Great Dane has the heart of the public. Not only are they clinging, they are also very timid! There is a Great Dane in a foreign country, even a dog many times smaller than me will bark at it, it will be scared!

1. “Destroyer Captain” Husky

As the same stupid tricycle, Erha is also very brave. Relatively speaking, however, Erha’s courage is considered to be excellent among the “three idiots”. Even though Erha didn’t dare fight, she dared to fight. Even when the Tibetan clam was facing, Erha dared to fight it. But if there is a fight, Erha will be stunned, let alone the Tibetan clam, even when facing Teddy, Erha will choose to “kneel and beg for mercy”, which shows how brave he is. .

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