Since I was far from the company

Since I was far from the company, I could only catch a morning bus. Arrived there was nobody, saw on the bench there was a piece of clothes, walked over, inside there was a white dog, the dog slept quietly inside, I looked around No one, okay? Has it been abandoned?

The bus arrived on time, I hurried up my way up without thinking too much, since this is the terminal so the bus will arrive about 10 minutes earlier, wait a few minutes before leaving for the city. Looking at the unhappy dog ​​through the window of the car, he seems to be controlled by something inside, will he meet a good person in a while? Will the dog be sad because it was abandoned by its owner after waking up? Will it become a stray dog?

In the end I couldn’t sit still in the car, so I got off and carefully picked up clothes for the dog, lest it wake up. The driver seemed to understand and muttered: There aren’t many kind people these days, I guess he will only drive home if he meets you.

I smiled and didn’t answer. The boy in the car woke up, his eyes were always staring at me, I worry he screamed, fortunately the boy was very obedient and obedient in my arms, when I got to the company I had to let the doorkeeper before. My uncle looked after me one day and took him home from work at night.

Now the dog has been with me for almost two weeks. Better to raise. I named it Qiqiu. Ball is very obedient. On the weekend, I will take it for a walk. Because I have the ball In the future, my life becomes interesting.

I will go on vacation for the weekend. Just stepping out of the rental house, I saw a dog lying on the side of the road, the dog sleeping very well on the ground, the noisy crowd around forming a clear comparison to it, I walked over and Its sleeping form is very cute. Also very calm, without any precautions.

Suddenly my heart was melted by this stability, everyday people poured into every corner of the city, but people always felt something difficult to get between them. And the dog can sleep soundly in a noisy city with no preparation in advance, this spacious personality is probably worth learning from.

In an instant, my mind widened a lot. Sometimes, a flower, a blade of grass, a little thing can really give some people psychological relief. Didn’t many ancient masters recognize their insecurities?

Come to think of it, I also find it funny, is it just a stray dog? How did I come to like such touching scenes? When it wakes up, take it home, just because it brings me this suddenly.

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