Shout loudly when the owner is away

Nowadays, with an increasingly improved living standard, many people will raise dogs to accompany them. However, after you have a dog, you will find that the dog is very clingy and wants to be with the owner every day, but being too clingy is not a good thing. If your dog has the 5 behaviors below, it means that your dog is not clingy, but unsafe and the pet owner needs to take care of it.

1. Shout loudly when the owner is away

As long as the owner is not there, or the dog cannot see the owner, the dog will bark and even run around the house just looking for the owner, which is enough to show that the dog is very dependent on you. But in this case, the dog tends to worry about separation, and the pet owner has to accompany the good dog. If possible, try to do some independent training to help your dog cling less.

2. Owner will block when going out

As long as the owner wants to go out, he will try to prevent the pet owner from going out, such as the dog always pulls the owner of the pants to prevent the owner from going out.

If the owner is not only not allowed to go out, but the dog runs around the house, biting the house while the owner is away, it is estimated that the dog is worried about separating.

3. Do not touch anyone except the owner

Dogs that are too reliant on owners are very possessive, regardless of their relatives, friends or other dogs, they are not allowed to share the owner’s favor. If the pet owner is friendly with other dogs in front of his dog, the dog will become very irritable and even attack other dogs, so it is best to avoid this situation as much as possible.

4. The owner squats to the toilet and complies

Even when the pet owner goes to the toilet, they must obey. If you do not let your dog go to the toilet, he will constantly bark outside, even barking while pulling the door. Therefore, it is best not to do things that scare or deceive the dog, otherwise the more later the dog will become more insecure and increasingly naughty.

5. Like to lie on the owner’s bed

Dogs are very insecure animals, but the bed is relatively safe for them. The owner is always going out and is not at home, and the dog is always home alone. They feel very insecure when being home alone, they are afraid of being abandoned by their owner, and they also worry that their owner will suddenly dislike them. Therefore, sleeping in the owner’s bed makes them feel more secure and it also shows that they are very dependent on the owner.

So how to reduce the dog’s dependence on you, the editor guides you through some tips:

1. Try to keep quiet when you go out and don’t say goodbye to the dog.

2. Keep going in and out of the house repeatedly, letting the dog know that the owner will be home even when he is out, train the dog several times to get used to.

3. When the owner returns home, try to ignore the dog’s aggressive welcome and wait for the dog to calm down before interacting.

4. When giving dog food, try not to put it in your hands, put it in a bowl for the dog and let the dog eat by itself.

5. When the dog calls you, you do not need to answer it once.

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