See Shiba Inu’s friend for the first time

Some officers do not know Shiba Inu dogs, they always think that this dog is rhubarb, is also something that can be forgiven. The Shiba Inu dog is actually a bit rhubarb, it seems that Yuanzu is really rhubarb! Shiba Inu is an independent breed, not a pastoral dog, now Shiba Inu! Price is not cheap! Like a dog raised by a friend pushing an officer, it seems that Shiba Inu is not wrong, but this is not okay with this dog.


On that day, the policeman went to a friend’s house to have tea. I did not expect that friend’s house to have a pet dog, and that it was a Shiba Inu. It was a rare Shiba Inu. When the attendant went in, he saw the dog coming and began to return. I did not pay attention to the dog’s four legs. Later, I saw these four black dog legs, but I thought the shit worker had put socks on the dog. I think that this friend, as an officer, had forged a dog like this. Is it right? After the dog went out to greet the owner, he returned to lie down.

The next question was when talking about this dog, the shit shit worker finally got curious and asked his friend about Shiba Inu. Upon hearing this question from the shovel staff, the shovel staff will talk about what Shiba Inu! This friend said, you! Completely misunderstood, where is the socks. Speaking of friends, the dog is called, and now you can clearly see, these four legs are not socks, the four legs of the dog are black, you said it is not uncommon?

The officer shit looked at it seriously, it really was like this! This is just that Shiba Inu shouldn’t be wrong, but the dog’s four legs are really strange. They are all black and do not look like a chain. My friends keep saying they are Shiba Inu! Although he looks more personal, his character is still “Shiba Inu”. Hearing my friend’s words, the police officer wanted to touch the dog’s four legs. Of course, no problem! Very docile, you feel it, no socks!

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