Rural Alaska has nothing special

I don’t know if you like dogs. There are many dog ​​owners in the family. Previously, people lived in wooden houses. The dogs that were raised in the family all lived in the yard, and now the city has become a tall building. He will also live in a building with his owner. The dogs in the countryside are still in the yard as before.

Are dogs really suitable for living in buildings?

I think a lot of people will definitely want to know the answer to this question. In fact, this has to do with dog breeds. Large dogs are not suitable for breeding in the city, do not have enough space for activities and they are also vulnerable. Look at the difference between rural and urban people who raise Alaska.


Alaska is not allowed in large cities, because its size is relatively large, if the girl takes it out, it may not be able to keep it. Alaska has so much power, and in the countryside, there’s no such worry, just free it. After playing enough, I came back.

This Alaskan lived in the former city and was brought home when he was raised. It was very clean when he lived in the city. He often goes to the pet store for a bath, but it’s not fun, and the operating space is too small, even if he goes out with the owner. There is no way to spread it.

After returning to the countryside is different. You can play as much as you want, even if you get muddy, nobody cares. You can eat and drink after playing enough, life is free, and its weight is increasing rapidly.

In contrast, Alaska is the same. You can live this kind of life in a city. This Alaska can only stay at home every day. Only when the owner comes back can you play outside, and every time you go out, you will be tied. There is no way to run happily, its living conditions are stronger than in the countryside, but it is not free enough.

Alaska lives in the countryside is freer, but no one bathes for it, and the dogs in the city live the opposite. I think that as an Alaska, they may not necessarily be clean, but they must be free. They all need it, and only freedom can make them happy.

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