Rottweiler would love to play underwater

Some people don’t know much about Rottweiler and heaven even heard about it. The biggest advantage of this type of dog is the ability to become a gatekeeper. It is really good to keep this dog in the countryside. .

Netizens requested a Rottweiler dog from a relative’s home. They raise it to see nursing homes or simply like it. When they grow up, they are still very young. They spend time playing with it every day. Then they take it out every day. Even if you just walk around in the community, you have to go out. You never leave it at home and never go out for a day.


Now the weather is so hot outside, and netizens really don’t want to go out, so they often take the Rottweiler out during the day and only go out after dark. The Rottweiler never gets into trouble because of the time he goes out. Go out on your own.

Yesterday, everything was fine at home. Netizens took Rottweiler out, originally planned to play near home, went out for a while and felt too hot, so they drove the Rottweiler to the suburbs.

For the Rottweiler, as long as you’re not at home, there are fewer people in the suburbs. At noon, the sun was very hot and the Rottweiler was a bit uncomfortable. Netizens have found it nearby. The shade sat for a while, and after getting enough rest, he continued playing, and then saw a river.

The Rottweiler was excited to see water and rush. You have to get into the water to play. This hot day is also very suitable to play with water. At first, netizens disagreed, but this time netizens said. In any case, it did not listen at all.

Safety measures must be taken. Residents have to wear life jackets for the Rottweiler and then start playing with the Rottweiler. Netizens threw the ball into the water and the Rottweiler was responsible for launching the water. Go back and choose it, it loves this kind of game, as long as you let it go play whatever you want, Rottweiler has launched it many times.

The last time Rottweiler didn’t give it to the owner after picking it up, he was tired and wanted to rest and play again. Once the owner gives it to the owner, the owner will throw it for the first time, and the Rottweiler will come down to grab it and wait for a while. Play again, this is the first time netizens see the Rottweiler after they feed it. At first, they worried about its safety, and they felt relieved to see it swim.

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