Really, after being in this world for a long time

Really, after being in this world for a long time, any strange thing can happen. Some people want to be famous and famous, and they can do anything. I believe in everyone’s impression, I’ve never seen a red dog. It must be said that normal dogs are not red. However, some people just want to do something special and make a “red” dog.

This is a bunch of pictures taken by netizens. There are two dogs on the sidewalk, an ordinary dalmatian and an unusual “red” dalmatian. Dalmatian, which we often call the dalmatian. The appearance of red dalmatians on the street will definitely arouse everyone’s attention, and the rate of turns is high.

However, when people see this “big” red-spotted dog, they are curious and confusing. How have red dogs? It was impossible to mutate the gene to have such a gorgeous red color.

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Some people think that the owner of the dog must be crazy and want to use dye for the dog like this. Upon hearing this, people began to accuse the dog’s owner. Dog skin is very sensitive and fragile, which is why dogs are susceptible to skin diseases. Applying dye to a dog certainly increases the chance of it getting sick. The owner of the dog is truly irresponsible and has no conscience.
Our family has a dog, in fact we picked up a dog. Initially, the boy who was injured was saved by his father, and he took it home to apply medicine and put it away after eating. But then the little boy reluctantly still loved his father, my dad softened for a while and then left, this way, our family has one more member!

This dog is just an ordinary dog, you can see a native dog wherever you go, although there is nothing outstanding in appearance, but the younger guy is a good personality, not only smart, good Good looking, but also very active and clingy. For a while, he naturally treated it like a baby.

But even though rhubarb at home is very popular, after taking out rhubarb, rhubarb is not very popular with people around us, at first we thought that rhubarb in the family had pet dogs. land. As for the dog, I learned later it really wasn’t!

Because my father always walks the dog, I don’t know many things, until today, my dad sighed heavily, and after asking me, I knew this had nothing to do with our rhubarb. Welcome to a relationship.

This guy is always talking about hypocrisy when going out. Today, I really know why he was so hypocritical. Every time he has to find a dog and sit on someone’s body, his butt doesn’t want to touch the ground. It’s like clean addiction. Likewise, hypocritical sitting posture, why not be rejected?

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