Ranking original dog IQ: 3 smartest dogs and 3 most dumb dogs

The smartest dog:

Border collie

The smartest dog is the Border Collie. The Border Collie ranks first among 79 dog breeds and its IQ is related to an 8-year-old child.

Border Collie is smart and sensitive. It has the ability to observe words and colors. It will understand the owners’ intentions, gestures, words, expressions and eyes and will often do admirable things. (Literacy, number recognition, color recognition, etc.) So it has a super memory.



Poodles are a cute dog originating from France. In the early years, they were often seen in circus venues. This shows that they are very intelligent, easy to train and available in the world. They ranked second in the IQ rankings.

German Shepherd

The German shepherd is very intelligent. For simple tasks, it can be learned after 5 times of teaching. For the first tutorial, the probability of understanding and completing accuracy is as high as 95%.

Of course IQ is high, brave, loyal, strong and most worthy of human dependence, they always appear by your side when they are in danger and bring you a sense of security.

Afghan hound

The Afghan hound is the only dog ​​that can enter a five-star hotel. It looks very nice and has a great temper. It naturally becomes a pet that has many stars, models, fashion magazines, etc. It has very strong independence, heat and cold resistance, and its adaptability can be said to be quite strong.


Basenji is native to Africa and is a small doberman. She was reserved and shy to stand, agile and flexible when running, and her face wrinkled like an old man. Its historical development is related to ancient Egyptian culture and history. I don’t know if the pharaohs will use any spells on it.


The medium-sized English English dog has a smooth coat, a low and plump body, a short and thick head, looks very cute when walking. The bulgie is terrifying in appearance, but is naturally kind and a kind and loyal dog.

In fact, whether it’s a smarter dog or a more “dumb” dog, a certain amount of training must be done during normal breeding, and training methods are like together. Be patient and train with a combination of rewards and punishment. The dog may be rewarded with small training snacks when it is well done, it must be repaired promptly if it is not well done, and the dog will always learn.

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