Pets accompany us through the joys and sorrows

Pets accompany us through the joys and sorrows, the sorrows, the sorrows, the joys of life, whether affordable or bad, they watch our lives under the eaves, when you are lonely and sad, they Always quietly appearing with us, silently accompanying us, without a complaint, that It will not complain about everything about you, it only knows your community. What it fears most is not the competition, but the date you choose in the gap. There is a wide variety of pets, products that engage dogs, do not worry that there is no revenue.Every time we recognize new and strange products about dogs, we humans, have you seen a full range of new things? can dogs have watermelon

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Can not help but be surprised: dog is a low life now! Therefore, even if the products are endless, as an owner, I still can’t help but find the latest products for it. Recently, I have found on the internet that there are all innovative dog products, you will also like it! one. Wearing this type of shower curtain, you won’t be afraid of being splashed all over when bathing Baby Mao! The Top 10 Dog Products That Surprise Dog Owners. In the summer, dogs love to drink ice water. The inner layer of this bowl can be refrigerated, then taken out and filled with water, it can hold the ice of the water for a long time! Top 10 dog products that will surprise dog owners 3. Does the dog have fear of falling while riding a bicycle? With this basket, you can be calm even when going away! Top 10 dog products that amaze dog owners 4. when driving, dogs always stick their head out of the car, for safety, equip a protective internet shop! Top 10 dog products that will surprise dog owners 5.When taking the dog on a trip, stick this dog’s anti-fouling pad on the back seat, not only the back seat will not get dirty, but also You can restrict the dog to roll in the back seat due to the impact.

Top 10 dog products that will amaze dog owners 6. with this umbrella the dogs can have a good walk during the rainy season! Top 10 dog products that will amaze dog owners 7. Train your dog with this fountain filter and make drinking water a game. The dog will love it! Top 10 dog products that amaze dog owners. 8. This reusable foldable water bowl line is not only eye-catching, stylish, but also easy to follow. It can be with directly on the wire! Top 10 dog products that will amaze dog owners 9. In addition to being foldable and convenient to carry, this dog pot is also easy to clean! Top 10 dog products that amaze dog owners 10. Do you bring time to play with your dog? This automatic ball shooting machine can develop into your baby’s new playmate. Just put a tennis ball in it, and you can play a game with the dog! In the battle filled with bullets and gunpowder, in addition to the brave warriors, there were also brave military dogs, bravely marching, making miracles. Why is the dog a “guard”? The consumption of dogs in possessive wars can be traced back to ancient times. The Babylonians, Egyptians and Romans began consuming dogs in their fight to conquer the city. In the 15th century, King Louis XI of France used a military dog ​​as an internal watchman. Napoleon also had an insoluble relationship with his military dog ​​during the campaign of his life. In ancient China there were also records of “… setting up a butcher shop, guarding with dogs and barking at the time of the enemy’s arrival”. In the contemporary Sino-French struggle, the pet dog “Black Tiger” trained by Liu Yong Fu, the head of the Chinese Black Chess army, attacked the French army and bit the neck of the person holding the flag, terrifying the French soldiers .

The first large-scale use of dogs in war began around Global War I. Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain and other countries already have a presence on the market for military dog ​​organizations. . During World War II, the US Army began building a military base for sniffing dogs, and later formed 20,000 military dogs into a special “business” codenamed ” Bu “and put them into battle during World War II, both sides used military force on the battlefield. owns more than 250,000 dogs, widely used in communication, warning, scouting, exploration, mine clearance and transportation, … They are also awarded medals for their heroic dogs and their loyalty. With the rapid development of modern science and technology, a variety of military objects are constantly appearing, but military experts predict that in future wars, military dogs will still play the role The game is irreplaceable for some of the most advanced weapons. As the earliest animal domesticated by humans, dogs are not only universal and useful for life.

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