Perhaps you can find the answer to this question in the free

Speaking of the game, I don’t know what your first impression is. In the past, games were always associated with toys, but in recent years, with the development of society along with the richness and optimization of game forms, people’s awareness of the game has gradually grown. change. Everyone has found that playing after-school games not only relaxes themselves, but improves themselves. Among them, “Killing werewolves” is loved by young people is a typical work.

Werewolf Killing is a multiplayer strategy game based on verbal description, eloquence, and analytical power. Diverse gameplay and rich immersive content allow the majority of players to enjoy in-game fun. Currently the number of players killing werewolves in China has exceeded 100 million, enough to see the popularity of this game.

As some of you might ask, social games like Werewolf Killing won’t slow down your learning time? You are wrong, werewolf players all know that this game can not only entertain, make friends, but also help with learning. why do you say that?

Perhaps you can find the answer to this question in the free “Werewolf Game: The Linguistic Maze Breakthrough” course launched recently by NetEase “Werewolf Official” and Youdao Boutique. ! The course was co-chaired by Shentu, the werewolf killer and Bao Juncheng, a Youdao’s Chinese teacher,. Unexpectedly, the game could also have a wave of dream connections with the Chinese class! What do the two teachers and students think the game of killing werewolves and learning Chinese has in common?

At the beginning of the course, teachers pointed out that Werewolf is actually a speaking game. A complete and clear logic, along with the ability to convey unique emotions, to build your own speech content, get other players to trust and agree with your speech is the key skill. Core to play a good werewolf killer. You may find that through your efforts to make your speech more logical and convincing, it actually has in common with learning, most intuitively applying it to composing writing. student headache.

When it comes to ingredients, many small partners are already a year or two older. Whether it’s essay essays, narratives or prose, how to better communicate their thoughts and ideas to the scoring teacher is always the part that students need to care about and improve. In particular, the most commonly used reasoning on the college entrance exams is clear logic, gradual and orderly scoring. We can also go through the most common prophetic speeches in Wolverine Extermination, first revealing identity, information being revealed, then judging the identity of the object. At last there was another wave of summation statements, hoping to win the trust of the good people. Well, is this set of prophetic speech the same as the writing of the debates? Therefore, if you play Werewolf and get the prophetic card, you can always offer a persuasive word, then you will definitely become a good debator.

Of course, the link between killing werewolves and learning goes far beyond this. For example, the werewolf ring and the werewolf fencing include knowledge of probability; and true or false statements require each player to integrate logic, emotion and other factors, combined with a bit of psychological knowledge to determine. . You can practice more on NetEase’s Werewolf Killing Official, play with 200 million young people and improve your language proficiency. It depends on whether or not you can gain experience in killing werewolves and apply what you have learned!

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