One morning, the shovel worker opened the door

One morning, the shovel worker opened the door and saw the Golden Retriever with something in his mouth, he looked at the Golden Retriever and stood there dumbfounded, looking closely to see the Golden Retriever holding a puppy in his mouth! What’s wrong with this golden retriever? How did you have a puppy in your mouth? Could it be that the Golden Retriever gave birth to an outside child? The shovel officer could only think so. Seeing the manure shovel coming out, Jin Mao seemed to have been saved so Jin Mao turned and walked away slowly, when the manure shovel worker looked in, it looked like the manure shovel worker would take him somewhere.

The shovel staff saw that the golden retriever had to do something to help himself, immediately followed the golden retriever, the golden retriever put the puppy to one side on the street and picked it up with his mouth. and keep going. Shovel staff followed closely, seeing exactly what this golden hound was going to do. Golden Retriever started to go to one side of utility room, it is impossible Golden Retriever give birth to dog, this is what shovel staff thought, and shovel staff thought is really reasonable and correct.

The real golden retriever took the butcher to the grocer’s office, and the golden retriever went there and stopped walking. The sausage worker ran after. The golden retriever had put the puppies on the ground, and there was a pack of puppies on the ground. The shovel worker looked at these puppies with surprise and delight. They are all golden retriever babies! The fecal shovel worker found them pitiful in this place and brought dogs inside. The weather was warm at home, and the golden retriever followed the staff to shovel dung into the house. No wonder I didn’t see the dog coming home yesterday. ! The shovel officer was extremely worried.

Today’s golden retriever suddenly came home with a small dog in his mouth. Why does this not worry shovel workers? It turned out that the golden retriever was for some reason, and finally the shovel worker understood. In fact, the whereabouts of the dogs when they give birth are usually very secret, they don’t even think about water, this is completely normal, the shovel officer was very happy this time too!

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