One drop of urine at a time is an unusual way for the cat to urinate

One drop of urine at a time is an unusual way for the cat to urinate. This means the cat is suffering from oliguria. There are many reasons for a cat with oliguria, which may be related to the amount of water a cat normally drinks or is in a special period of time. It affects the cat’s normal urination. So, first of all, the owner must find out the cause of the cat’s urination and take appropriate measures to help the cat urinate smoothly.

1. Instruct your cat to drink more water

Some cats may be reluctant to drink and they eat less water from their cat food so when pee they will pee less, drop by drop. If the owner has noticed that the cat rarely drinks water, try adding a little honey to the water, and placing an extra bowl of water where the cat normally moves. You can also add canned foods with more moisture, as well as fruits and vegetables.

2. Some suitable exercises

Cats often do not exercise, their co excretion is relatively slow, so owners can spend time, holding toys such as cat bats and infrared lights to tease the cat, instructing it to run or jump, get active Appropriate can speed up the cat’s internal circulation . It pee as well. Then see if the cat has returned to normal urination.

3. Feed the pet with urinary powder

Your cat’s oliguria can be caused by urinary problems. Cats can be due to a urinary stone or some other reason. At that time, the owner should carefully examine the cat’s body. If it is a relatively minor problem, the Owner can feed the male cat a little urinary powder like Miaolushun to suck, then observe the cat’s condition. If drooling continues, you should pay attention to get medical attention promptly.

Your cat will also pass urine during heat. This method is mainly used to attract the attention of the opposite sex. If the cat is in heat, take steps to help the male cat and patiently wait until the cat is in heat, after which the cat will return to normal urination.

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