Nowadays, many people like to keep dogs, they often go out for walks when there is nothing, you can see this in the streets and alleyways, but there is a man who always surrounds a crowd of people every time. Dog walking. What happened?

Speaking of Teddy, everyone will be familiar with it, because of his cute appearance, it is very popular and many people like it. This man also has a child in his house, Teddy, every time the man walks his dog, it will be monitored.

Turns out the man’s Teddy is giant, tall and not light at all, on par with a normal adult woman. So it is sure to attract everyone’s attention when such dogs are brought out.

Every time a man takes the dog out, it is a great project, because although the dog looks cute, it is actually very lazy and it will not leave after taking a few steps. If you want to hug you when you’re like a kid, say it’s small. Don’t worry about Teddy, it’s a giant Teddy that weighs a few diamonds.

Even though the owner is not happy, he still has to do so, whoever lets me bring this ancestor out, so there is a scene of a large man hugging his oversized dog reluctantly, like this has attracted the attention of countless passers-by. But there is no other way, the dog you raise even if it kneels must also lead.

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