Nowadays, many people keep pets at home

Nowadays, many people keep pets at home and most pet owners treat their pets very well, they do not even consider pets as pets, but treat them as their own children. is pampering them. Once your pet learns that they are loved, they will begin to disobey a little bit.

A netizen raised a Teddy at home. Most of the time, Teddy is obedient. Let it go east and it won’t go west. Let him drive the geese, not the chicken, so the owner treats Teddy very well. I love it, I not only buy a lot of delicious and drinkable food for it, but also prepare it for small toys and take it out often.

However, sometimes Teddy is often angry, petty, disobeying the owner, even likes to fight with the owner, because he knows what the owner cannot do about him so of course he is not afraid. And Master doesn’t have a good solution at this moment.

No, Teddy is back in action lately. It always eats well but is picky. Dog food is no longer delicious. Even for dog food that was mixed by the owner and added chicken by myself, it was not interested anymore, I was worried about my owner. How can I do it without eating?

Therefore, the owner wants Teddy to eat in many threatening ways, but Teddy refuses to eat. The fire owner thinks that if Teddy is not disciplined this time, the dog will go to heaven in the future. After thinking, the owner walks into the kitchen, takes out a kitchen knife, and puts it to Teddy’s neck without saying a word. Teddy felt the host was really angry, so he went to eat. Hahaha, looks like Teddy is killing him.
Pet is now a way of life. No matter how fast the pace of life is and how busy the job is, the pet has become a spiritual comforting friend in human life. People love to keep pets. They can relax, relieve stress, which is a very good choice.

This woman has a daughter who loves small animals and always wants to raise a pet, but she always feels that her daughter is too young to take good care of the pet so she never agrees. Now that the daughter is a bit older, the mother can buy her one so the woman decides to buy her one. But women love delicate little dogs, and girls love dogs tall and big, like golden retriever. No one will yield to anyone, in the end his father compromised and said to buy a giant Teddy, for both sides to take care of. The woman and the girl agree.

When I got back from buying a giant Teddy, Teddy was still relatively small, but for a few months, it was as big as Erha, and it grew really fast. Teddy has a good relationship with his family, everyone likes, gets along very well with his family, especially his daughter is almost inseparable, it has become the best friend.

When she returned home, the woman discovered that the vase at home was broken, knowing it was broken by her daughter, many times she told her to be careful at home but still did not listen, the woman was very angry so she was ready. teach a lesson. Daughter, knowing his good friend, Teddy has truly stood up to help her, the woman who has no choice but to give up, is really scared of you.

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