Now when we’re on the road

Now when we’re on the road, we can see kittens playing there everywhere. Some kittens don’t have their owners, but their owners are still willing to play with them, so for them It’s not particularly lonely and pathetic.

Today when my friend went shopping on the street, he walked down the street, and then the friend wanted to buy food. After that, the friend parked at the crossroads, then went straight to a store. When he turned around, the scene before his eyes. My friend was shocked, because my friend found out that a lot of kittens are sleeping in his electric car.

After that, my friend couldn’t bear to drive away all these kittens, and I sat there to eat. After a while, my friend finished eating the food in his hand. Then the friend checked the mobile phone and found that it was time. It was late, so my friend was very helpless and had to chase all these kittens.

In fact, in the hearts of friends, they also like kittens, but because financial friendship does not allow them, the friends keep a kitten in their own home. Afterwards, the friend rode an electric bicycle and left. The cat was chased by himself and his friend felt sorry for them.

Nowadays, there is an especially popular type of pet dog, the golden retriever. Golden retrievers are especially cute and intelligent, and it listens to the owner’s words and never causes trouble for its owner. Small golden retrievers are at home.

The owner has a cute little golden retriever at home. What the little gold retriever likes best every day is going out to play with his owner. But sometimes, things that make people laugh or cry appear.

On this day, the host took his small golden retriever out to play again. But today, it came to a very good place, that is the beach. The weather that day was very good. Small golden retrievers see the sea and run through excitedly.

After the past, this golden retriever did not run to the sea but happily played on the beach. This little golden retriever seemed to enjoy the beach and dig a small hole there.

After a while, this small hole was dug to a certain depth and it seemed that this small golden retriever would do something big. In fact, this golden retriever dug a hole like a child, and after a while it seemed to want to lie down alone.

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