No, a netizen raised a particularly funny golden retriever

No, a netizen raised a particularly funny golden retriever, but unfortunately he encountered a very clingy little owner, who not only tangled with each other while eating and sleeping, but also refused to feed the dog. hunting yellow feathers to the toilet. On this day, she had to drag the golden retriever when she wanted to bring along the stench, she was very happy and tied the golden retriever’s hand tightly, although the golden retriever did not refuse, its face showed a very disgusting expression. In an instant, Bao Ma turned to smile.

The Golden Retriever really likes his little daughter, acting proudly to protect her, but looking at the small owner in front of her, the feeling is very wrong, the Golden Retriever suddenly turns around, using the tip of her tongue to cover her nose. , as if to say: This one has a stinging Eye! After staying for 2 minutes, the Golden Retriever really couldn’t help it anymore, she pulled her legs back but was still caught by the baby, she placed it on her lap and grinned at Golden Retriever: Son, let go of the dog.
Lately my dog ​​didn’t know what was going on and completely freed himself. I even sneaked out to play while my family was not paying attention and I was outside for a long time. It actually freed itself. I was happily playing outside, completely forgetting that my master was still waiting at home.

Once I was really curious, when the dog sneaked out, I followed him outside, I found it very excited and ran forward until it stopped at a bakery. Down. I’ve actually seen my dog ​​do something unbelievable to me.

Even, it also takes advantage of the noodle shop owner not paying attention and taking advantage of the noodles to eat. Just swallowing a piece, the noodle shop owner sees. Universal host is dead, but there is no way to catch this dog, can not beat this dog.

So he took a piece of paper, wrote it and painted it, and stuffed it in the dog’s neck. Doggo watched the entire process with a shocked expression, and ran out immediately upon seeing the noodle shop owner not chasing. When the dog saw me, it ran to me immediately, I took out the paper, it turned out to be IOU. Okay, the stinking dog really owes me a foreign debt.
Pitbull’s reputation has long been famous around the world, because this is a bulldog breed raised as a fighting dog in the United States, although it has an ugly appearance but is muscular and strong like a bull, its bite force. it is amazing and has a special mechanism of action. The nervous system of the body will not feel pain after a fight, so Invincible is dubbed the “God of War” Pitbull in the dog world.

Some netizens said that when they saw a Pitbull, they would take a detour, they were afraid to approach it within tens of meters, however, Pitbull was not as fierce and cruel as netizens said. . The fierce Pitbull Hulk dog weighs 169 kg, is 2m tall but is considered as a “nanny” in the host’s house, it can not only play with puppies but also help the owner take care of two young owners. .

There is such a heartwarming pit bull in the UK. Today, Tianbao’s mother asked her father to take her with her, but she was dumbfounded when she saw this scene when she got home. I really let you lie on Pitbull’s stomach. The Pitbull felt very serious, but in his heart was very happy, watching his feet curl, and sometimes turned his head to look at the little owner for fear that it would fall. But the next scene stunned the parents. The small child bit Pitbull’s stomach. As a result, Pitbull turned his head and shouted: You’re beautiful, spit, you don’t have milk!

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