Neighbors always see that his golden retriever

Neighbors always see that his golden retriever does not fit his eyes, after knowing the reason, the officer is touched: deserved!

When raising dogs, the shovel officer not only pays attention to the dog’s food, clothing, shelter, and means of transport, but even the marriage is broken. Recently, when Xiao Zhang took his golden retriever out for a walk, he always saw the neighbors looking at him with strange eyes, even reprimanding his big golden retriever in an arrogant tone. stretched and cruel.

Seeing the dog suffering such grievances, Xiao Zhang felt very strange, the family dog ​​stayed in the yard all day without making any noise, why irritate this neighbor? It wasn’t until I accidentally saw the Golden Retriever’s behavior that I knew why the neighbors couldn’t understand their dogs. Xiao Zhang’s yard was very large, so in order to allow dogs to play, he kept dogs in the yard so that they could have space to exercise. The aunt next to her also happened to have a golden retriever, but because Xiao Zhang just moved here, the relationship between the two was not particularly close, so Xiao Zhang often did not take the dog to the next house. door.

It was not until I went out to take out the trash that I happened to discover the cause of the neighbor’s rebuke to my dog. It turned out that the big golden retriever raised by Xiao Zhang’s family was too naughty.

But because he was too heavy, he could not pass the railing, so he could only brush back and forth with the gap of the railing with difficulty, trying to get into the next yard.

And the aunt next to Zhang was afraid that Zhang’s golden retriever would overwhelm her golden retriever, so she saw her son-in-law come to the door, and she looked embarrassed. Seeing his big golden hound desperately squeezing through the “skinny” railing in the process of flirting. Xiao Zhang suddenly realized that this might be legendary love, but unfortunately this kind of love was opposed by other elders. But the Golden Retriever’s reckless way really deserves to be scolded.

To test your neighbor’s impression of his large golden retriever. Xiao Zhang took advantage of the neighbors’ absence and deliberately brought a large golden retriever to the neighbor’s doorstep. Unexpectedly, when the neighbor’s golden retriever saw Xiao Zhang’s dog, he immediately rushed to the iron gate, wagging his tail repeatedly in favor. Seeing this dog with a happy face, Xiao Zhang suddenly realized, “It turns out that my dog ​​is not a one-sided love, but a happy love.” Today, there are many shovel officers who do not want their dogs to be pregnant. Deliberately keep dogs indoors and keep them out of friends in case of an accident. But ignorantly restraining a dog’s physical features will make his body sick.

If you really want to get rid of this phenomenon fundamentally, then your dog’s birth control is a great way. This not only prolongs the dog’s lifespan, but also eliminates the bad phenomena that occur during the sterilization process. Shovel Officer, would you like to have your dogs sterilized?

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