My Teddy loves to eat a lot

Netizens prefer puppies, especially Teddy, mainly because they are smarter and more flexible. Some time ago, netizens bought a teddy bear. When they go out with friends, they come across them. I glanced at the past and thought that this teddy bear had a beautiful coat, like “red panda”, especially not when looking up, it was exactly like “Baby Panda”.

I kept it at that time. I bought it spontaneously. Don Patrick really said that this teddy bear is not only beautiful but also very intelligent. You can learn it by teaching it several times with a hand gesture. Too easy to understand is chaotic, and there will be opportunities to learn later.


I have been raising Teddy for a while. Netizens have discovered that Teddy is very greedy. As long as it has good food, it’s ready to follow. At first, netizens couldn’t call it. They must have something in their hand to call it. Come by, if a stranger wants to play with it, it’s not playing without eating.

The friend who bought the dog alone came to play at home a few days ago and wanted to play with Teddy for a while. It does not care about others at all. Netizens took some food for their friends and called it by what they ate. Teddy immediately runs over, and must have something to eat in his hand, otherwise it would be too lazy to look at you.

In fact, this is not good at all. Netizens worry that Teddy will be easily fooled by people when hanging out. Only when they have food will they go with others. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t recognize people. Yes, it also caused the anxiety of netizens, I’m really afraid that someday it will actually run away with others.

Netizens can only hope that when Teddy grows up, this will not happen again. Greed is also a flaw. Others can take advantage of this and cheat it too easily.

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