Meet the dog that has been missing for 7 years

Meet the dog that has been missing for 7 years but was denied when he wanted to take the dog home. Police: Get evidence

Losing a dog would make sausage workers great pain.

My friend, Xiao Zhang, raised a German shepherd dog-Xiao Hei seven years ago. This dog was only a month old when it was first brought home. After Xiao Zhang’s daily training and companionship, this dog is able to create a perfect foundation. Training, and can quickly respond to the owner’s instructions. In order to train this dog well, Xiao Zhang learned a lot of dog training skills, eventually after a year of raising the dog, the dog became the famous intelligent dog in the town.

Xiao Zhang opened a shop in town, he always forced the dog to the door to open the door, because the dog was smart and refused to walk, sometimes Xiao Zhang loosens the leash to allow the dog to move freely. door. .

As usual, Zhang loosened the dog lanyard. But in the blink of an eye, the dog was gone. Xiao Zhang called around for a long time but the dog was nowhere to worry about. After a follow-up investigation, it turned out that the dog was stolen by the car. Because the car was too far away and the number plate was unknown, in the end the incident was not resolved, and the disappearance of the dog caused a psychological shadow for Xiao Zhang. Xiao Zhang knew that after the dog was stolen, he might never find it again, and he did not know whether it was alive or dead. Since then, Xiao Zhang never had a dog.

After seven years in this manner, Xiao Zhang unexpectedly found a German Shepherd that looked almost identical to Xiao Hei at a gas station in town. When he saw the dog, Xiao Zhang hesitantly called out Xiao Hei’s name, not expecting the dog to hesitate for a while before actually wagging its tail in response. Seeing this scene in front of his eyes, Xiao Zhang immediately realized that this was the dog he had been dead for seven years. But when negotiating with a dog owner, the dog owner assumed that the dog was given by a friend, not a thief.

To get her dog back, Xiao Zhang immediately called the police to ask the police to come and coordinate. Unexpectedly the police’s words shocked Xiao Zhang: “Your dog has been dead for seven years. What evidence do you get to prove it is the dog you used to raise? Now many dogs have been trained. version. “When they hear the corresponding instructions, they can respond quickly. So at the moment, it cannot be proved that it resembles the baby you lost earlier. ”

Since Xiao Zhang’s dog does not have a chip implant, whether this dog resembles Xiao Hei or not remains to be discussed. Since there was not enough evidence, Xiao Zhang was still unable to successfully take the dog and it ended this way. Although she failed to bring Xiao Hei back, Xiao Zhang knew that the dog was still alive and felt very happy!

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