Many shovel officers found a problem

“The dog is more and more sensitive, what should I do?”

Many shovel officers found a problem: that Mao children were very possessive. If you come into contact with other pet dogs, the furry children in the family will turn to face you in every way, even if you have to spend a day or two to soothe it.And more than that, just skip meals.

Some pet owners are complaining that dogs are not allowed to find things on their own.

This is a bit of an exaggeration, since the dog has interfered with your private life, but don’t tell me, when you have a pet dog, you find out that the dog is angry at his partner, not even. love it, how much do you know. A little unhappy, of course dogs have a lot of emotions that can affect it.

A dog like that hurts someone, if you treat him well, it’s no problem.

It’s easy for a dog to become a relationship with itself, anyway, take longer.

But the next question also came, when Mao saw his master close to the “third party”, he was largely unhappy, because in his heart was orthodox, so how could someone replace him? So some dogs will have shocking movements.

A man in the United States has a large golden retriever, and the dog has been with him for 5 years.

He has raised a dog since starting work, and has a deep relationship with Maozi.

“Doggo has been with me during the toughest 5 years.” Since renting to the present, the Golden Retriever has been with him, but 6 months ago, the male owner had someone. Half of them, initially thought the Golden Retriever would welcome her, but the owner owns a miscalculation.

When the owner of the pet enthusiastically introduced his girlfriend for the first time, the golden retriever was very dissatisfied.

Dog: Who is this? We both live well?

The golden retriever looks a bit out of place. Although it was just a dog, she seemed to understand what would happen next. The hostess is also very interested. She spent a lot of time trying to influence the golden retriever. But there is one problem that always gives people a headache.

What is the problem? That means the Golden Retriever is not allowed to hug her owner.

What is this guy comfortable? The jealousy is too strong.

Some netizens have talked a lot and feel the Golden Retriever’s behavior is too much, but if you think carefully, the Golden Retriever is not easy. Over 5 years, it was the only one to accompany the master. The result is a stranger who comes and takes his “. Favorite” is definitely emotional.

But the landlord loves to act, and sometimes deliberately gets angry with the golden retriever.

The pet owner is hugging her owner on the sofa, and the golden retriever will be here soon.

“How does this guy want to separate the two masters?” The idea of ​​Golden Retriever is very simple, that is to hope the owner will pay more attention to him, or fear of being left out, even being abandoned, after all, the owner is the dog’s owner. If you don’t want to be yourself, you will become a stray dog.

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