Many people now keep dogs at home

Many people now keep dogs at home. An older sister has two golden hounds in the family. Known as warm men, they are actually very warm, often very close to their owners. The oldest sister lives in the countryside so she lives at home with a large yard. Half of this yard is covered with concrete, the other half is opened by the sister to work in a vegetable garden.

The eldest sister grows some vegetables in the garden, although not much, she can make snacks. But then the eldest sister discovered, why is the vegetables in the yard decreasing? Initially, I planted 10 purple cabbage trees but could not eat any, only 8 trees left. Could someone enter the yard and steal food? But the door is still closed, with two dogs guarding the door.

Until one day, the eldest sister saw a miraculous scene, she was dumbfounded, and she also found the “vegetable killer” at home, which were two golden retriever dogs! The two Golden Retrievers usually eat very well, whatever the owner eats, every meal has meat. Unexpectedly, they have a unique taste and love to eat vegetables in the yard!

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On this day, they were holding two purple cabbage trees eating Huanshi when their owner was arrested on the spot. Two dogs were sucking the leaves full of vegetables, eating big gulps, chewing crunchy, delicious as if the food was delicious. Looking at the food of these two rows, the eldest sister was a bit bewildered.

Other people’s dogs love to eat meat, why does one’s own dog love to eat vegetables! But it’s fine if they eat vegetables, they even sneak, don’t know how to break this purple cabbage, they seem to have a talent for stealing vegetables. But seeing them like this, the eldest sister also decided next year there would be more purple cabbage for these two guys to eat!
Nowadays, many people love to keep pets because they are cute, active and sometimes small actions can bring a lot of joy into the sausage profession’s life. But there are many masters who have unpredictable brain circuits. They love their pets very much, but sometimes they just can’t help but want to fake them!

A cat is a very magical creature that, although tall and arrogant, looks very different sometimes. The owner of this orange cat is no exception, and the prank is not unusual.

The owner of this orange cat is a small couple, and this time the owner wants to scare his girlfriend by impersonating the cat, so he bought a neat pair of scissors and plugged it into her ass. cats!

This scissors is quite realistic and has some blood stains on it, it still looks terrifying and most people will be scared at first glance. Sure enough, as soon as the owner turned and opened the door, she panicked and almost cried when she saw the scissors on her pet. And when she found out that all this was just a joke, she immediately exploded, feeling that no matter what, she shouldn’t be using this to fake a cat. , and she was so angry that she would break up!

But the cat calmly, once again, turned his head to bite the scissors on his body, estimated to break his heart, your son is so fake, my story, I did something wrong, so I was treated like this, angry!

Although many shovel workers may use Mao’s children to make small pranks, always be careful, carefully consider the choice of tools and the degree of danger.

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