Many people keep golden dogs

Many people keep golden dogs in the house because they are very obedient and obedient. And very heartwarming, can easily see the careful thought of the owner. And its appearance is so beautiful that many families choose to adopt.

Netizens have a docile golden retriever in the house and this dog has lived with them for almost 8 years. A very deep friendship was established between the two. The owner has all delicious food to him. This dog also knows cold and hot, like a little coat being cared for.
It is normal for Erha to make mistakes, they often demolish messy houses and they are still very enthusiastic. With a shovel, the officer supported a mischievous Erha. Maybe it’s a shovel officer, he often feels lonely! Therefore, every time the shovel employee comes home from work, Erha breaks the house in a mess.

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This time as no exception, Erha broke the door of the shovel officer, and it also bit the sofa to pieces, the ground was only waste of the sofa. I couldn’t think of how to punish for a while, but the inspiration was very strange, suddenly he thought of a good way and immediately executed.

She put the smelly sock that just took off on Erha’s mouth, this expression is funny, the owner of such smelly sock stuffed into Erha’s mouth, this punishment is really not light! Even if she wasn’t hit, this would also put Erha at a loss. I don’t even have enough food these days.

This master’s punishment made the editor admire, not knowing what this master came up with, perhaps: the natural method, and the right mind. Thinking of her legs sweating too much, this method of dealing with the unpleasant Erha will definitely be effective.

But recently the youngest daughter in the family got married, the bride’s mother was very happy. After all, the surviving older girl in the family is finally married, and that’s a worrying thing. But the dogs at home did not think so, when the groom came to pick up the bride, the golden retriever was lying on the door.

The bride’s mother was ecstatic, she sincerely wished her dear little master not to marry! The relatives on the side also quickly said, it really is a good dog! Right! For the Golden Retriever, this dog is all in its life, and reluctance is justifiable. What a good dog!

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