Many netizens say they have never lost a match or won a match

Many netizens say they have never lost a match or won a match. This husky indeed never won the match, so it confessed directly every time. Although it couldn’t beat the other dogs, since the owner brought this cat home, he has enjoyed bullying him every day. Who can let it beat other dogs now can only find a sense of accomplishment from the cat. The cat had been resisting before, but because of its oversized body, she was always bullied by huskies, in the end she hid when she saw the huskies.

But the Husky does not want to let it go so simply, either to get in its way or actively seek it out to fight. Husky’s energy is very strong. It always hits it and jumps away, then hits it again. The cat had lost its temper from the initial anger up until now, for it knew that it could not defeat it, only suffered. It is not too late for the gentleman to take revenge for ten years, now the cat is waiting for the opportunity to take revenge. On this day the Husky blocked the cat’s path and then attacked it the first few times, the Husky’s attack was a bit heavy and it threw the cat aside. This time the cat did not hide as usual, but squatted beside him despite the huskies fighting, after a few hits, huskies felt no resistance and meaningless so it closed her eyes and rested.

At this time, the cat’s eyes became sharp, it jumped when the husky closed his eyes, the company faced him a series of slaps, after being beaten by the husky, he immediately jumped up. Look at the cat as if not believing, like not believing it to dare to hit it. Netizen: This is a cunning cat. Actually this is not a cat blame, this is forced by Husky.
In everyone’s mind, a dog is not only a cute act, but also a companion and timely waiting for their owner in everyday life. Such quality and genuine affection are difficult for girls to buy, so more and more people like to keep dogs at home. And these large, warm, gentle and well-fitting male golden-haired terriers have become the choice of many families!

The owner’s golden retriever has been raised for a long time, and the golden retriever usually has a good temper, bringing lots of fun to life. Although most dogs need to be raised, but the owner thinks that this is just a pet, just being able to accompany it on a regular basis and bring yourself a little happiness is enough.

The owner always feels that Golden Retriever has no skills, just a handsome idol group. But as the golden hounds get older and smarter, owners can learn many skills with just a little training, such as: picking up sandals and throwing away trash!

Recently, the owner took the dog to his mother’s hometown, thinking that the dog is bored every day in the city, so he returns to his hometown to release it naturally. Unexpectedly, he accidentally discovered the dog’s special skills.

On this day, the owner was weeding in his field, and the golden retriever ran around in the field, and soon came running in front of him with a rabbit in his mouth!

The owner happily closed his mouth, unexpectedly the gentle Golden Retriever is a talented person to catch prey. It looks like more golden terriers will be brought home in the future, maybe there will be a new game to relieve their appetite! In fact, the dog’s IQ is sometimes far beyond our imagination, especially the Golden Retriever Before being a pet, the Golden Retriever was the famous, agile and refined hound, now it was trained to be a guide dog, so to speak. A very powerful dog!

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