Many families in Japan keep dogs

The owner is pregnant, the dog noticed earlier than the gynecologist, what magical skill is this?

Many families in Japan keep dogs as companions to improve family happiness. In order to feel more beautiful in life, an old lady and artist specially raised three dogs to record the daily life of the family and the dogs.

When his son gets married, the dogs also play the role of a girl giving flowers to give rings, these precious images are illustrated by her with pictures or paintings. This form makes many people feel this family’s lifestyle is really wonderful. The appearance of the dogs not only adds much fun to life but also brings many small surprises to shovel workers.

When the daughter-in-law was pregnant, no one in the family noticed, but these days the dogs have had very strange behavior. They would lie on the mistress’s stomach with a serious expression, as if listening to the stomach’s movements. While the owner is in the toilet, the dog is still sitting outside the toilet and staring at the owner. What was this unusual behavior that made the owner realize and immediately went to the hospital for an examination, the obstetrician and gynecologist told the owner that she was pregnant, did not expect the dog to have such skills?

After the pregnancy, the first homeowner was concerned that the three dogs might be uncomfortable with the young owner’s appearance. Unexpectedly, after the birth of his daughter, Dogu took on the role of “father-mother-in-law” and was interested in the little owner. When the little owner is looking at the picture book made by her grandmother, the dogs will gather around with the little owner to see the little owner. At some festivals, the dog will also cosplay classic characters with the little master. Seeing the dog’s harmony and the little owner, the family thinks that the dogs are so cute.

After having a small owner, the dog also acted as a bodyguard. Everywhere the baby goes, the dog follows, does not see the baby sagging, the grandmother often records all these warm pictures. Such a happy family lives in a quiet and beautiful town. Therefore, families often take their dogs outside to enjoy the breeze on the lawn. Each time at this point, the dogs will watch by the child’s side, do amusing tricks and make the baby laugh.

After a few years, the little owner was as tall as a dog, at which time she heard the news of pregnancy once again. After the brother was born, the dogs immediately became knights and accompanied them every day. Sometimes the shovel worker isn’t there, the dog will gently kiss his brother in the face.

In this way, the dogs are now 11 years old, and under the wear and tear of the years, the dogs’ bodies have been unsatisfactory each year. At this point, the little master seemed to have realized something and seriously supervised the dogs eating and drinking every day. It was as if when I was a child I was watching over you, but now you have grown up, like you are watching over me!

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