Losing a friend can cause your cat to become depressed

Did you know: losing a friend can make cats depressed. Just like humans, when they lose a loved one, dogs and cats feel pain when a loved one dies. And this can get worse, leading to depression in dogs and cats.

So how do you know if your cat is depressed? Is there a way to alleviate the pain of cats? This is a question that many readers of Pets are interested in.


In some cases the cat is depressed

A cat breeder said she has been keeping 2 cats for a long time. When one dies, the other screams all day long. Frantically looking for its friend. And began to urinate frequently outside of its litter box.

In another case, a cat breeder named Charlotte lost one of her two cats. The other cat does not seem to have any changes. But within a few months its health deteriorated greatly. The tumor in its body grew rapidly and the cat passed away less than a year later.

From the examples above, it can be seen that cats have many ways to express grief. Just like humans, each cat has its own personality. Therefore, the reaction when losing a loved one is also very different. From indifference to extreme suffering.

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Signs that your cat is depressed

There are many signs that your cat is grieving. Some of the most conspicuous signs include:

  • Tired in sleep or sleeping more than usual
  • Not interested in daily activities and
  • Anorexia
  • Clinging, or vice versa, away
  • Shout, howling more than usual
  • Search for the lost friend
  • Too grooming

A 1996 study by ASPCA found that 46% of the cats in the study ate less than usual after the death of their partner. About 70% of those cats change the sounding again. Many cats are more affectionate towards their owners. Overall, about 65% of cats change 4 or more of their daily habits after losing their mate.

Please care and love them more

Whether the cat is depressed or shows signs of mourning or not, pay more attention to it to make sure everything is okay.

Please maintain its old habits. Let it play and participate in more activities. Especially the games with prizes and help it return to normal life.

Avoid bringing in another cat in place of a lost cat. Instead, confide in it often and show it that you truly love it. Interested in loving it more. But keep some distance to show your respect for it.

You can try flower treatments. The remedies from platinum, starfish orchids are the best choice for both you and your cat. Consult with a veterinarian before using the drug

Find comfort from your fellow man

A family of cats will help ease the pain of losing a friend. However, there will be more competition in finding love from the owner. But the pain of losing a friend will become lighter with another companion by your side.

If you have two cats in your home and one has just left, never fill the void with another cat. According to cat behavior consultant Pam Johnson Bennett, a grieving cat will not easily accept a new friend.

The best you can do right now is give it some time. Let it stabilize its emotions, return to a normal life. During this time, the cat will appreciate and enjoy your care and love for her.

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