Knowledge of breeding and breeding Red Diamond Fish

How to raise Red Diamond maxsize fish? Red Diamond Arowana fish care difficult or easy? These are issues that are of primary concern to aquarium hobbyists. Responding to the wishes of our readers, our article today will introduce you to the healthiest and most beautiful ways to raise Red Diamonds. Stay tuned.
Learn about Red Diamond fish
Red Diamond or Red Buu Xet (scientific name: Hemichromis bimaculatus) is a species of fish in the Cichlidae family. They are widely distributed in western Africa.

Their prominent feature is a red or pink scaly layer mixed with blue spots. There are a few large black spots on the body. This is a favorite fish for keeping as aquarium fish. So how to raise Red Diamond fish need to pay attention to what?


Raising medium Red Diamond Max size

Aquarium Red Diamond Max size: This fish is not too strict about the size or type of aquarium. Can be large or small, empty tanks or aquariums are fine. However, do not keep in small aquariums, tanks with a circle shape. Since round tanks are not conducive to the fish’s eyesight, it is more difficult to install water filters.

There is also another reason that the max size Red Diamond fish is difficult to control the temperature of the tank. The fish is native to the tropics, and in winter, the temperature needs to be adjusted. Round tanks are more difficult to control than rectangular tanks.

Food for fish Red Diamond Max size

The Max size Red Diamond is an omnivore. They can eat commercial food, small fish, shrimp, worms. In addition, it is possible to feed more insects such as moths, moths, moths, flies, … With foods being living organisms, one can observe diamond fish chasing prey, very beautifully.

Reproductive characteristics of Red Diamond fish

Red Diamond fish max size when 10cm can be used for spawning. Breeders should choose males that are slightly smaller than females. The body color of the parents becomes more beautiful during the spawning process, especially the offspring. Like most Cichlids, their reproductive traits are self-coupling and very strong fry protection.

The optimal conditions for breeding Red Diamond fish max size is pH from 7.0 – 7.2. The water hardness is 7 – 9. The suitable water temperature is 25 ° C – 28 ° C. Fish like to spawn on smooth rocks or flat hard surfaces.

Breeding Hong Buu Xet is not too difficult, but their sex discrimination is not easy. The main difference is that the end of the anal fin of the male is longer and more pointed than the female. Females have a swollen body and better color during spawning.

How to raise Red Diamond max size fish suitable for neutral water environment. If applying maxsize red Diamond fish farming in an acidic or alkaline environment, it affects their health.

When spawning, the male will choose a smooth place for spawning. Females lay eggs in circles, with the number of 250-300 eggs. After about 3 days of hatching, the fry are still very weak, can not swim far by themselves. After 5-6 days, you can swim freely.

Choose Red Diamond fish to breed

The fish breeding process should choose female with a nice body color and large belly. Males should choose individuals with a body length of 8cm or more.

After you have selected about 10 broodstock, place them in two large tanks, allowing them to pair. Finally, 5 pairs will be created. Then, place each pair in the spawning cages and feed the artificially mixed feed each day.

The best way to raise Red Diamond fish is to choose a tank with the size of 80cm × 40cm × 50cm. Need to equip heating bar and automatic filter. During the spawning period, the most suitable pH value is 7.3, hardness is 9.2 and water temperature is 28 ° C.

You can place a smooth surface ceramic tile in the tank as a substrate for the spawning fish. After spawning, keep three of the pairs in position for assistance incubation. The other two pairs move away and let the eggs hatch on their own.

Take care of the fry

After the eggs are hatched, the fry use the egg yolks as their main food. After 5 days of incubation, gradually add the mixed feed powder to start taming. The method of domesticating food is to mix egg yolks and mixed food with water to create a paste.

The weight ratio of egg yolks to feed powder on day 1 was 3: 1. The next day is 2: 1, Tuesday is 1: 1, Wednesday is 1: 2, and the ratio is 1: 3 on Thursday. The sixth day was fed all with mixed feed flour. After 20 days, all of them are reared as fry. You can also raise Artemia larvae at home as feed for fry.

Above is the method to help fish reproduce most effectively. For the highest hatching rate of fry, while ensuring the fish’s habitat. Breeding can sometimes be risky. However not too much and dangerous.

Highlights of the Red Diamond Arhat

Red Diamond Arowana is mainly distributed in Southeast A. They are successfully bred by artist Huynh Anh. He combined 2 species of Arhat fish: Chau Kim Cuong (male) and Blue Dragon (female). Therefore, the Red Diamond Arhat almost has inherited what a Arhat fish should have.

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