It is said that dogs are very loyal to their owners

It is said that dogs are very loyal to their owners, they say that they only recognize one owner in their life, they never hate poverty, disease, they will always accompany and will actively protect their owners. when you see the owner in danger. It is even possible for them to ignore their own lives, but some dogs are not annoyed when they go mad. Even their owner will bite. In the family of a man has such a fierce dog. When he picked up the dog When he was a dog, the dog actually held the owner’s hand, which excited netizens.

It turned out that the man was hugging a newly born milk dog, looking at its butchered dog, not yet opened his eyes, but his temper was not small. The owner originally wanted to hug this lovely and likable guy in his arms, but when picked up, the little milk dog seemed to be bullied, and immediately kicked the owner. The dog shouted: let go of me, don’t touch me!

Although the man hugged the dog with one hand, judging its reaction, the little guy could not hold back at all. The man was so angry that he could not laugh, could not cry.
The husky shovel worker knows that this is a difficult breed other than long theft, but it is still loved by many netizens, for every second sight. When you look back, you can make people laugh. Raising Erha was meaningless if it weren’t for fun, since it could do nothing but bring joy to the master.

A man has a very “kind” Husky, not only very obedient but also very high IQ. This man saw a lot of netizens pit Erha on the Internet, using their smelly feet to make Erha smell, some Erha would lick twice, and some would vomit as soon as she sniffed it. The man wanted to let Erha sniff one side of his foot. Smell it, and then see if it’s as pure as the other Erha, but the result disappoints the man.

The man summoned Erha while sitting on the sofa, he looked at him sitting in front of him seriously, feeling cute and handsome, the man took off his shoes, stretched his legs in front of the Host Erha: Come, smell the fragrance. Fragrant! Erha seemed to smell the poison, immediately turned her head in disgust, the man stretched her legs again, as a result, Erha raised her legs and placed it on the landlord’s feet. Erha: Don’t disturb me, I’m a positive person. . A dog with eight classics!

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