It is said that dogs are very honest

It is said that dogs are very honest and loyal to cats, but it is not known if the environment of dogs and cats has changed, so the role gradually changes. The cat has become a cute cat, while the dog has become mischievous.

Nowadays more and more people are starting to keep pets, especially dogs, because these little dogs can bring joy to our boring lives, but besides the fun they also bring a lot. gall. The owner has two dogs, one big and one small, these two dogs have followed their owners since they were milk dogs, according to the owner they were quite good when they were young, but now they grow more and more. Downstream.

That day the owner came home, found the house messed up, someone did not know that a thief came, but the owner knew that this was not the thief’s masterpiece but his two puppies. The landlord looks at the house in trouble and knows that he has to clean for a long time, intending to change the slippers and start cleaning, as a result, the slippers are also damaged. This time the master, completely enraged, directly pulled the two puppies over and tied them up with a ribbon.

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As a result, the large dog does not want to start struggling and quickly removes the leaves decorated by its owner. The puppy looked down at the leaves in front of him, the big dog also stuck out his tongue in a cute expression to its owner. Owner: “So how can you not study a little when you grow up? Look at this man who took the house. You said your mother is Erha and killed your father, Erha. I couldn’t bear a minute. Destroy me again!” Turns his head to look at the leaves on the ground and then he looks up at the owner: “I didn’t do it, it fell …” Owner: “Don’t eat dinner tonight!”
We all know dogs are the most sincere pet to humans, from the old saying we can know how badly dogs won’t hate their poor owners, just as humans wouldn’t hate their looks. mom. And the longer the dog gets along with humans, the more sincere and deeper the relationship with humans is. When the dog’s owner wants to walk away on his own, some dog actions often touch people and there is nothing more people can do. Tear.

This happened in a small city in China. A girl about to get married, this was a very happy event at first, but for the golden retriever who has been with her owner for 7 years, it is extremely sad and sad. His daughter left and locked the Golden Retriever in the ring, the Golden Retriever also understood her master’s good intentions, but could not help but bark.

The bride hears the dog barking hurriedly returning home, wanting to say goodbye to her dog, coming next to the dog, the golden retriever wagging its tail obediently and very kind, the bride could not bear to see such a close dog. She shed tears, Jin Mao saw her master crying and quickly made the master happy, although very sad, she was unable to disturb her master’s marriage.

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