It is said that cats and dogs are natural enemies

It is said that cats and dogs are natural enemies, and they will cause trouble when meeting, but not all of them are like this. These are just the majority of cases. Some cats and dogs are very happy.

The owner recently brought in a new dog. After the owner came back, he was worried about whether the dog and the cat could get along well, but then the owner realized that he was too worried. The dog and the cat are very happy, mainly because the Cat is very happy. The owner had several cats in the house, and when he saw the dog, they all walked around, to please the dog all sorts of things, and enjoyed the dog’s appearance. The owner didn’t expect that scene before him, and didn’t understand why the dog was so popular.

Cats surround the dog, licking, licking, rubbing and rubbing the dog. The dog was completely indifferent and he did not know where the cat liked the dog. The owner is jealous, and the cat has never been enthusiastic with the owner. But fortunately, the dog did not answer and did not respond very enthusiastically, otherwise there would be really nothing wrong with the owner.

In the end, there was a very irresponsible cat and taking advantage of the absence of other cats. He kissed the dog or kissed the dog. Is the cat open now? The dog was clearly surprised.

People always like to raise small animals. These animals are very docile and cute, sometimes a bit naughty and very lovely. Dogs are always good friends with humans. They are naughty, cute, well behaved and loyal. Sometimes they can be small helpers for their owners. If you keep your dog at home, the family will be very active.

Different animals always have different habits, like cats and dogs, they all have a little bit of food protection. Animals such as lions and tigers are very territorial, and no other animals are allowed to occupy their territory.

But now every household that breeds cats and dogs, and without looting to eat, will not have the bad habit of protecting food, because animals turn away and refuse to recognize people when they protect food. .

A woman couldn’t take care of her dog for something, so she sent the sample to the pet store for a few days, but after returning, she found that the dog had a bad habit. I bought a roast chicken to improve dog food, but when the woman was about to bring the pot to let him drink water, the dog started to roar.

This reaction stunned the woman, what happened to the dog. But then, the landlady hurriedly called the little children of the dog, a few puppies came and started eating grilled chicken, and the mother dog stood helplessly aside and waited for her child to eat.

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