In front of a dog

In front of a dog, why can’t you touch other dogs?

This question seems easy to understand but some students do not understand. The reason is very simple. If you’ve ever raised a pet dog, you will basically understand the meaning of this sentence. If you’ve never had a dog life, I don’t understand.

“Every day when I come home from work, my dog ​​will look.”

As soon as the owner entered the door, the dog was delighted, but did you notice a detail? Many dogs, especially small ones, will smell their owner many times, if there is a scent of another dog, their expression will change immediately, and then start to get angry.

Officer Shi Shovel: Once the dog is jealous and angry, it is still the worst kind of comfort.

Dogs with a naturally high IQ have a huge market, but they also have downsides.

Smart dogs are somewhat scheming. They do not allow the owner to interact with other dogs, so when the pet owner comes home, they will pretend to be enthusiastic. In fact, they want to know if the owner touches other dogs outside, in front of your dog or not. Basically all dogs have opinions,

A Vietnamese man raising two Labrador dogs.

Including a male dog, this year is 3 years older.

Shovel workers often call them “husband and wife” because there is another 10 month old Labrador, but it’s a bitch. Or go to work, they also take care of each other.

The male dog is raised when the pet owner changed his second job three years ago.

The female dog was bred by a friend’s dog and adopted one from a friend last year.

The life of the two Labrador dogs has always been peaceful, the Shovel officer also loves them, although he is a rented house, he has left most of the space for the dog, even the dog over there. room. A large bed is installed, because the first floor of the house is damp.

Last week, netizens took a big dog home.

The dog is the Alaskan malamute, and it is a long haired breed.

After the sausage worker took the dog home, the Labrador pair were immediately furious, as he had no idea that the pet owner actually brought the dog home from the outside. After entering the door, the “couple” surrounded them, showing unwelcome behavior.

Labrador: Shovel staff, would you dare to bring your dog outside?

Although Alaska is a large breed, the Labrador has many heads and is not small at all.

In a strange environment, the big dog appeared to be very nervous, facing two Labrador dogs, he hid beside the owner, the owner of the pet noticed the aggressiveness of little Mao and hugged Alaska for fear of him. The dog was bullied by the couple. Labrador is in better mood under the control of his pet owner.

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